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my nape

I live in Roanoke VA, And I want to tell you about the piercing I recived on the nape of my neck, done by Maxx Wetzel at Ancient Art.

First of all, Maxx had mentioned doing it on me about a week before I actually got it done so I had time to think about it. I had never really seen this done before, and certainly dont know anyone with it. Im quite familiar with general piercing, I have a total of 18 in various places on my bod, and this one sounded pretty cool. I have to admit, everytime I get pierced, I always feel a bit of apprehension about it, I wouldnt call it fear, im not scared of pain, but Maxx is always good at calming me down and making me feel comfortable. I want to find a threshhold, and so far I havnt. I want to challenge the pain and see if I can "win", to block out the "pain" part, and just feel the experience without lableing it "pain". I always want to see how far I can go; and thats why this pierce interested me so much. It is pretty uncommon around here, but also it seemed like it would really hurt! When Maxx explained the pierce to me, he told me it would be a two push pierce, and that it would be a bit longer than your average pierce since it went through a good deal of tissue. So after we talked, I walked around for about a week thinking about it, but the anticipation I explained had'nt quite hit me yet. About a week later, after Maxx had gotten the jewlery from there blacksburg studio,I went back to the shop to get the pierce. When I got their I was excited about the pierce and still wasnt thinking twice about it, except that I was begining to wonder if I was going to be able to sit for it, etc,etc,. We went back into the piercing room, and Maxx began to set everything up, I know how clean these guys are, but its still relaxing to watch everything come out of sterile bags. I then laid down on my stomach on the chair, he cleaned the area real well and made a few marks, then he had me stand and made a few more marks, grumbled to himself, wiped the whole thing off and started again....the marking took about 5min total, I sarted breathing during the marking to help keep me calm. As soon as I got on the table,I realized that this was going to be an incredible intense pierce, so as he was positioning the foreseps, I began to think about the fact that it would not only be one pinch, it would be two. I actually began to think that maybe I shouldnt go through with it, its easy to sit through one pinch, but two?

So Maxx had me start breathing for real...slow, even breathes in my nose, out my mouth..it worked real well, and having Maxx talk me through it helped a lot as well..after a bit of that, he asked if I was ready, I said yes..and he said alright, one more deep breath...... As soon as I exhaled, he made the first push..ouch, kind of..then a little pressure.....then he stoped and asked how I was, fine, I said.."okay, here we go" then came the second push, no pain, just pressure.... After the pierce, Maxx had me breath a bit and again asked how I was..I told him I felt fine, He told me all he needed to do was to insert the jewlery and we were all through, I didnt even feel that part..he was done before I new it..WOW! I was really surprised at how little it hurt. I had myself totally psyched out for about 30 sec of real discomfort. When he finished putting the jewlery in and cleaning it up, we took some pictures, I was feeling pretty stupid about being so nervous, I have never been so nervous for any other pierce, When I got my septum done, I almost passed out(I hadnt eaten in a long time..and I got stoned before the pierce,NOT a good idea, Maxx told me that pot can in fact make the pierce MORE intense..which makes sense when you think about it) So now I have my nape pierced and I love it! Its a little over a week old and seems to be doing great..its no longer sore at all and only a little bit red, Maxx told me to excpect it to be red for a good long time, but it doesnt seem to bad, I ve seen worse! When I think about how worked up I got, I laugh..... thanks for letting me tell my story, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy my new pierce. Jackie


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 June 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Maxx+Wetzel
Studio: Danny%27s+Ancient+Art
Location: roanoke%2C+Virginia

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