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My beautiful Madison

ded to get a Madison for fetishist reasons; I always wear a collar with a ring at my throat, and I thought it would be even nicer to have the ring through my throat instead. My Madison was my first piercing. I don't even have pierced ears, which is unusual, and very unusual for a goth. I'm a goth. Other piercings never really appealed to me, though I think they look nice on others. When I discovered that it was actually possible to have a Madison done, I decided I would do it. Then my best friend who wanted to have her nipples done came into some money, so she booked us an appointment, which surprised me, but pleased me alot. I needed the push to actually get around to doing it. I was told by her that the studio's specialist piercer would do it for me, as a Madison is a surface piercing, and therefore a bit more unusual. That really gave me confidence, to know that they took special care. On the morning of the piercing, I dressed nicely, because it was important to me to look the best I could for the piercing. My friend and I ate a meal at Costa Coffee, and then we went to the studio - Metal Morphosis in Soho. I had to sign an extra consent form, as it was a surface piercing, and would scar when it grew out, all of which they explained to me. But from my reading, I knew about the success rate of the piercing, and I was happy with it, and again happy that the studio took that little extra care to inform me. I was nervous about pain. I read the accounts of Madisons on this page when I was doing some research into the piercing (which is why I decided to add my account) and people seemed to have varying experiences. That didn't affect my decision (though it made me more informed) but it didn't give me one single vision, if you like, of what the piercing would feel like. For me, it is the appearance of the piercing when done that is the pleasure, rather than the actual sensation of being pierced. I did actually ask about local anaesthetic, but as the Madison can be more complicated to heal, the studio didn't recommend using any, as it can slow down the process. However, I was pleasantly surprised on the pain front. I was told to sit up on a trolley bed, of the type you see in an A&E, while my piercer cleaned the area, and made two marks at my throat with pen. Then he offered me a mirror, so I could see that I liked the placing, and when I asked for it to be a little more central, he altered the markings and again asked for my approval. When I was happy, he told me to lie down (which surprised me). Then he clamped the skin, and pierced. It was really as quick as that. I was amazed. It had hurt less than a blood test, and it was over in seconds. I had really expected more pain than that, though my piercer wisely said that it's good to overcompensate. I think that I had the fortune to be pierced by an expert, and the studio had been recommended to me by a couple of friends, and also has a very high reputation. The experience of the piercer is obviously very important, and my guy really knew what he was doing. His bedside manner was impeccable, and very reassuring. When it was all done, he showed me my lovely piercing in the mirror; I had a plastic bar (more flexible, good for the nature of the piercing), with a silver ball at each end through my throat, and it looked really lovely. Originally I wanted a ring, but I took the studio's advice on the nature of the jewellery, and I am glad I did. Again, I hadn't expected it to look so good. I expected a little blood, some redness, some swelling; basically that it would be a few days before I would have something that I could show off. But I didn't have any of those things at all. It looked clean and healthy. Then my piercer put a dressing over it to allow it to settle, and told me I could take the dressing off that evening, and that the air would be good for the piercing. He told me that the best way to heal the piercing was to keep it clean with the cleaning solution they gave me, and thoroughly dry, and that the life of the piercing would depend on my care. I am not sure I will get any other piercing, as I am still not sure if I would like the way they look on me (though that could just be me being cowardly about a little appearance change), but I am delighted with my experience, and mean to look after my Madison religiously, because it is beautiful, and I want it to last as long as it can.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 June 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: %3F+argh%2C+didn%27t+get+his+name
Studio: Metal+Morphosis
Location: Soho%2C+London

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