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Madison I didn't even feel it

r that last and a half I have wanted to get my Madison pierced. Many times I had made appointments with piercers that would be willing to do it under the table, but either it wouldn't work out or they would try to rip me off. The only reason I wanted the piercing at first was because last year my friend got hers done and it looked so awesome but she had a captive bead rind in it and within two weeks it rejected so that kind of freaked me out.

So, about a month ago I went into this smoke shop - piercing studio and they had a wide selection of jewlery. I told the guy I wanted my madison pierced and he told me what most piercers usually tell me "Oh thats stupid, it's the two week piercing, 9 out of 10 reject, blah blah blah."

That didn't make me change my mind so, he said he had a piece of jewelery that would be good for it. Then he pulls out this ugly barbell made out of some kind of platic, it's white and you can bend it whatever way you want to. He told me that this helps it from rejecting because it moves with your body so it has a less chance of pushing out of the skin. I bought it and then took it home, and was going to keep it till the day i got it pierced. Then about two weeks later my friend that had her madison pierced told me she got a hold of a lot of piercing neddles, she got from her boyfriend who was a piercer and was particially apprenticing her, because she was only 17. She said she had pierced a lot of people which she did because they went to our school. And from what I saw she did a pretty good job. So I said what the hell and decided to do it. About another two weeks later after school we walk to my other friends grandmothers house, and we are sitting on the lawn. For a couple of minutes there I was scared and was about to chiken out, but then I said what the hell you only live once. So she takes the white plastic barbell out of the plastic package which it came in and takes off one of the balls at the end of the barbell, and pulls out her 14g piercing neddle out of her balck purse. She took a little pin and made two little black dots at where the piercing will be at. But she did them kind of side ways, so she had to take some water erase the other ones and make new ones. Then she shoved the neddle through, it kind of took a couple of good shoves for her to get it all the way through. I was so amazed after she got the neddle through becasue I couldn't even feel it .All it felled like was a cold piece of metal going through my neck. She keep the neddle in for a couple of seconds because she said there were little dots of blood she had to clean of before she put the jewelery in. Then she pushed the neddle to the end, put the barbell at the end of it and shooved it in. She got scared for asecond because she couldn't see the other end of the barbell, because I was bleeding a lot. Then she finally got a grip on it and screwed the little ball on, and then it was all good. Now I love the piercing, and I seem to be the only one everyone else says ew, groose, your sick, and freak. My mom even found it to be repulsing, I don't know the big deal because my nipples, lip, septum, eyebrow, nose, and ears (00) are already pierced. It now has been a month and a half, and now I want to get my nape pierced because I think it is an awesome piercing to. Now at each end of the barbell it is turning red and I can see the outline of the barbell in my skin. I think it is starting to reject and I don't know what to do to prevent it, maybe it was the caring after i got it piercing because i did nothing to help it heal better because I couldn't even feel it. If it rejects I will do it again and again if it rejects after that. So to all of you out there thinking about the madison piercing I suggest it, it's cool to have and say you have and it is painless it doensn't even hurt after you get it done. So screw what people think and GET IT!!!! Bob Wilson


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: My+friend
Studio: My+friends+yard
Location: Central+California

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