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The seniority of a surface piercing

en thinking about a madison for a very long time. Maybe 2 years, since I first saw one in Germany. I's always thought they were the most graceful piercings. Like a beautiful pendant or something adorning the temple of the body. After I'd had three other piercings, I seriously started considering it. Would it be worth the stigma it gave me. Would my boss react badly since I deal with the public and would have no way to hide it (I'm a lifeguard and instructor). I spoke to my piercist, J., and she said she wouldn't do one anyway until she knew my body better and would be able to get a better feeling of how it heals. Finally, I half gave it up. I decided it would be too big a step. Who knows if I'd be willing to clean it for months like Juliette said. So I went another route. I decided a have a short surface piercing done right above my breasts. About a half inch over my cleavage line where I could hide it. It was a big step for me because I'd only healed pretty basic piercings before. I had my navel done is February, my hood in March and my nipple in April. They were well on their way to recovery. I red up all I could on it. E-mailed some people who'd had it done. I tried to get all the answers. However I found the best source was my beloved piercer J. I asked her all the questions I needed answered and she gave me all the info. We arranged on a price: 60$ CAN. I go there so much she gives me major discounts. We arranged for a time to come back and change the jewelry (in 2 weeks). I was so scared before she did it. Usually I am really chill, relax and fine. But this time was different. Even my favorite drink, Orange Juice, didn't do it. I sat down and finally I said screw it, pierce me!! I sat down in her leather chair, removed my shirt, and she cleaned me and starting marking me. That was the longest part of it all. I wanted it quite low but she couldn't make it happen because I have quite large breasts (D cup). So she went a little higher and managed to dot me correctly. I got up and looked in the mirror to made sure I loved it. It was so cool. I sat back down and she clamped me. That was death. It was absolute death. It took her what felt like an eternity. It must of been about 5 minutes. She finally got me clamped (I don't have much skin there) and she asked me to take a deep breath. I couldn't because of the clamp, it made it tighter!!! So finally, after 2 small breaths, she slid the needle through. I barely felt it, it was relief next to the clamps!!! She removed the clamps and I felt immediate relief.

For the first time ever, I looked down to see the needle through my chest. I felt an amazing rush of empowerment over my body and my soul. I'd conquered my fears and I stopped caring what other people think. She left me there for 10 seconds then slid the one inch stainless steel barbell in. That pinched a little bit put I was so relieved I didn't care. She cleaned me up and left me there for 30 seconds.
I swelled a lot right of the bat, about an inch off my normal skin height. It was also very red under the skin because she broke some capillaries. I was so amazed at how cool it looked. At the same time I got the biggest flow of endorphins I've ever had. I could barely stand up straight and when I walked out my vision was affected. My first bad reaction towards my new piercing happened a few seconds after I walked out of the studio. A lady on the sidewalk looked me up and down and gave me a dirty look. It was really funny. I didn't care one bit. I got home and the swelling went down a lot but not entirely. It wasn't really sore yet either. DAY 2: it was red red red and purple. The bruising took over big time. It looked gross. I got a lot of negative feedback because of it. Surfaces are not very common in my area. I'm the first in my school to get one. I wore a really uplifting bra because it made the skin less taught, thus reducing pain. Cleaning was a little hard because of the swelling but I did my best. I go in the chlorine today to teach (which I find helps piercings) and it felt good but tight. DAY 3: I can finally rotate the jewelry when I clean it!!! It feels so cool. I took some Excedrin to help with the swelling and the pain. It helped a lot. Still very red and purple. DAY 5: Looks a lot better. Kind of green and yellow because the bruise is going away but the swelling is a little bit there again. DAY 6 (today): nothing different has changed. It still looks wicked yet bruised. I'll have the jewelry changed soon to a surface bar. And we shall see if my body shall reject it or keep it. I feel like it's part of me so I hope it goes nowhere fast. I've learned that you have to do these things for yourself. I did it because I wanted to be an individual, not just on the inside. I wanted to do something different. Don't let others tell you it's ugly or discusting. I've figured out what I want and I don't care what others have to say about it. It's a beautiful feeling of freedom and self-accomplishment. Thanks J. for being the best and calling me your guinny pig even though you've been piercing for so long. You've become some sort of idol to me. You've helped me accomplish my dreams of being an individual. In her words, "you've reached the ranks of a serious piercee" April**


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 June 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: J.
Studio: Ottawa
Location: Ottawa

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