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Look ma! No pants!

Me! I'm starting a novel! Haha j/k Ever since I was 14 I have been facinated with piercing. My parents of course did not share the same interest. They wouldn't let me get pierced until it was legally my body. What a bitch the age of concent is, eh? My friends never thought it was cool either. We'd be at out girlie sleep-overs and be painting eachothers nails and whatever it is that we did, and they'd talk about the guys they liked and stuff and I'd be sitting there thinking to myself, "I want a guy with both of his nipples pierced. Yeah yeah... and a sixpack and black hair and green eyes and uh... he has to like Silverchair... but that's not as important. The nipple rings.. tongue piercing too. Eyebrows would be nice.." and they'd all just... I dunno. I was an outsider, what can I say? They paid in the end though, they all want my James. It's because he's gorgeous. Anyhow, I had been looking through BME for a number of months before I came across a piercing I had not seen before. It was a triangle... and it was very, very cool. I knew I wanted one for sure about two weeks later. I worried for a bit... decided I wouldn't get it for a while too, but in the end.. I knew I wanted one. I had to wait a month until my 18th birthday but when the time came, I was so ready. I had made an appointment, scoped out piercing studios and looked at a few portfolios. I settled on a studio just out of town and headed down there with my boyfriend, James. I was so nervous about getting it done that I almost chickened out but James assured me everything would be alright. I was paranoid, thinking that my spine would get knicked with a needle or something and that I would never walk again... James told me not to worry and that it was impossible for it to happen and even if I was in a wheelchair the rest of my life, he'd be with me... (What a sweetie... so hot, what to touch the hinie!) Just as we were getting out of the car, he asked if he should get his labret done. He already had both of his eyebrows and they were soooo sexy so I told him.. yes. We stepped inside and I signed a form and picked out my jewelry.. I had to lay on my belly because I was getting pierced at the small of my back. He said he would be right back and that I should pull up my shirt and lay down on my tummy. I looked around for a minute. There were some packages of needles and whatnot laying on a counter, disinfectant spray on the counter. My piercer told me exactly what he was doing and what to expect so I didn't flip out... but I did anyways. The first needle hurt so bad.. the second wasn't as bad.. the third I didn't really even feel. He left me sitting there for about 5 minutes and came back and told me he was going to put in the jewelry. This hurt a great deal too... but in the end it was all worth it. It was so pretty.. He wiped my back off (I was bleeding a bunch) and gave me a lot of aftercare stuff and told me if I had any problems to come back to the studio and see him. So far so good... James got his labret done in like, 3 minutes and we were off. Sitting and bending forward hurt a little for the first two weeks, but taking a bath felt really, really good. After a whole month I was pretty much healed.. there was some crusties for a while but when they went away all the pain/blood/oozie stuff went away with it. Now that it is all healed, I don't like to wear pants much. Sure, I wear them when I'm going out.. but I hardly ever wear pants anywhere else. My momair and pops hate it. I love it. I am really glad I got this piercing.. James thinks it's really sexy and he loves it, as do I. It looks good and feels good and that's all that matters to me. If you are considering this great and wonderful piercing, I say go for it baby! You only live once! Just PLEASE remember these three things. 1) Don't wear tight pants for a few weeks. 2) Don't pick at it. You'll only make it redder. 3) Keep it clean for pete's sake. No one wants puss filled piercings, no one! Yeee-hawwww!!! I Love You!!! -PoRnStAr!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 May 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Kewl+Guy
Studio: Kewl+Studio
Location: Canada

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