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Handweb and cartlidge piercing

never really liked handwebs ,personally. All, I had ever saw was handwebs with rings bewteen the thumb and finger. For a few reasons, I detested the piercing, the main being, how offen a ring would get hung on something. I had at the time, had 11 other piercings, and was wanting something new. A freind of mine, had once had a ring for a handweb, and complained about it. It soon got infected, and she removed it. A month or so later, she got the barbell instead, and I fell in love with it, I adored it, so I decided, that I would get it. I done quite a bit of research on it, and accepted that most never heal, and are taken out. I went the following Sunday for a second bridge piercing, I had arranged for (by far my favorite piercing). I asked my piercer, what he thought of it, and he said its a big chance it won't take, and things I had already knew. So, I told him, I would be back in two weeks to get it done. ---Two Weeks Later-- I can't remember the exact day it was, I was nervous about the pain a bit, but I had also decided to get my first ear piercing done. The cartlidge on my left ear. I went inside , and Jason his apprentince said he would be a few, that he had to go runs some errands. That was cool, as I remembered I needed to get my Labret/and Medusa jewlery changed down to a shorter bar, so Jason done that, and we chatted a few. About 30 mintues later, Eddie came on, and asked me if I was going to use a ring or a stud, and I told him that I was going to use a stud, instead of a ring for obvious reasons. He marked it, and asked me if that was where I wanted it, and he clamped me, as always. I was a bit nervous by this point, but was also really hyped up.. The needle went thru like nothing, it was a bit of a sharp pain, but I can't say it was that bad.. My nipples hurt a hell'a lot worse.. We cleaned up the little blood that was there, applied some neosporin for it (see'ing as it was fresh). Bandaged it up a bit, and I was on my way... I made it out the door, when I remembered I was going to do my ear, so I trekked back inside, to get my cartlidge done. There isn't really much to say about this, I have heard its painful, but all I felt was alittle burning.. Overall this piercing, wasn't near as painful as I had expected, but, than again I maybe was still on the high from my Handweb piercing..heh:) ----Healing--- Ah, healing was a bit of a bitch, as I decided to try something new. I bought some latex/sterile gloves, and wore them on my hand, and would take them off at random intervals, and wash the piercing, and let it get some air. I had 2 (4 now) cats at the time, so it was actually a MUST to wear a glove while I was healing.. I wasn't in much pain tho, so I didn't mind it. I wore them for, around 2 weeks or so.. I was suprised at how fast it looked like my hand was healing, but I still kept it protected as much as possible. At the time of writing this, I've had it a bit over a month, and it isn't red, not sore (unless I hit it on something, than it stays sore for about a day)..I haven't had any infections, like was mentioned on BMERadio (Tom Brazda interview).. I wash it with Dial soap about 2-3 times a day now, and it is staying healthy so far. I know it will reject sooner or later, but when it does, I will just re-pierce it, and go thru this process again. I don't know if the Latex gloves helped or not, but I tend to think so, because everyone else I know that has done it, ended up removing theirs or getting an infection, extremely fast. If anyone else has ever used a latex glove for this piercing and got the same results/or different, I would be interested in hearing about them.. Since the handweb, I've gotten a Madison, which is a love/hate relationship, and my frenum done.. I can't say I recommend Madisons', but the handweb is a great piercing, if you don't mind babying it all the time. I'll write up a experience as soon as possible, for the Madison. (P.S.. I have noticed that no one notices a handweb piercing, so if your looking for a not very noticeable piercing, but unusual, the handweb is a good one for that.)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 May 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Eddie
Studio: Eddie%27s+lost+world
Location: Pulskai

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