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My nape at Evolution, poked by Joe Y

y, March 14, 200 I called Evolution today and Spoke with Joe Y, to let him know that I would be in on Saturday to take some more pictures for use on the studio web page. He informed me that the PTFE jewelry had come in, and that he was putting one aside for me. For weeks now, we have been planning on poking my nape. The day that I was ready to do it, he had just used his last 10ga piece earlier in the day. Now it is here. Saturday, March 18, 2000 I grabbed my camera and headed for the half hour drive to the studio. I got some McDonalds on the way, as I definitely need to eat before getting pierced. I arrived at the studio at about 3:30. I took pictures. Lots of them. About 60. Evolution was extremely busy. I hung out, and talked with his counter staff (Nancy and Chris are so nice), chatted with some customers. It slowed down for a while about 7:00, and Joe was going to prep my jewelry. I wasn't too enthusiastic. For some reason, I wasn't feeling too well. Probably the McDonalds. I'm sure it didn't help that I had yet to take off my heavy jacket. I hung out for a while, and chatted with Nancy and Joe while the ordered take out and ate. I felt much better after I removed my jacket, and after a bit of time. The PTFE went for preparation. Nancy asked me if I would be willing to let her watch, because, even though she works in a studio, she never really gets to see much. I agreed, and we waited for Chris to show up to watch the counter so she could observe. Chris arrived at about 9:00, and we headed for the piercing room. Off comes the shirt, down goes the paper, wash hands and on go the gloves (all 3 pairs). Joe the proceeded to arrange all of the stuff he needs - needle, clamp, marking equipment, q-tips, betadine, etc. I can never remember it all, as it seems as if there are so many steps! Of course, I'm watching while Joe is setting up, just because I'm curious. Out come the needle, which I figure is 10ga. I start to panic. It looks huge. I lay back down on my stomach, and start my relaxing breathing and start the "self-hypnosis" so that I don't panic even more. I manage to calm my self down during the rest of his setup, just trying to remember how nervous I was during my last pierce (my hand web. I panicked. it hurt bad. It was the first time I had freaked out, and I didn't want to do it again). Out comes the toothpick to draw lines. 3 vertical (1 center line, and 1 on each side to mark entrance and exit) and 3 horizontal (one for each possible placement. I wanted the pierce as low as possible, to be hidden by an oxford shirt collar, as I work in a professional environment. My ideal placement was just above the little bump from one of my vertebra, however we were unsure if it would be piercable there. When I was checking as to where I wanted it by pinching my neck, I figured he wouldn't be able to clamp that area. We discussed locations, and I felt where he was drawing the lines, and they were all within a suitable range. Joe got all my lines done, and had me stand, just to make sure the placement was centered. I laid back down, and her moved the entrance and exit in towards the spine just a bit, and we were ready to go. He was going to attempt my preferred placement first, and attempt with the clamps. A small pinch with gloved fingers revealed the a clamp would be impossible, so Joe check for freehand placement. Freehand was a go for launch. Joe walked me through some more relaxation breathing techniques, as he does with during every procedure, and on the 3rd exhale he pushed and I felt a small prick, and a little pressure. I seem to remember 2 distinct pushes to make it all the way through (which could understand - the pierce is about an inch long), but I am not really sure. I was REALLY relaxed. Next thing I know, the jewelry is on, bead on and clean up is starting. It felt no worse that trying to pop a really deep zit on my neck. ENDORPHINS! Of course I'm still relaxing, and now getting a neck massage with the cleanup q-tips. I was so relaxed, I could have gone to sleep. Nancy remarks how nice it looks, and thanks me for letting her watch. I slowly get up. Joe put some tegaderm over my neck to prevent any blood from getting on my shirt (which was good - it bled a little, and it was a brand new shirt). I got dressed, and went and grabbed a seat in the waiting area to get my head together for the ride home. Chris and Nance left just after 10PM when the shop closed. I stayed a while longer, and talked with Joe while he closed up, as I had promised him a ride home because I know what it is like to have my car in the shop, and be without! It sucks! I gave Joe a ride home, and then headed home myself. I was expecting some problems driving home, as I have to crane my neck so see to the left to change lanes (the mirror broken off the driver's side door). I had almost no discomfort. I got home at just after midnight. Sunday, March 19, 2000 I slept well last night! Usually I don't sleep well the night after a pierce, usually due to adjusting my sleep patters to a void whacking the fresh pierce. I must have done everything right, including taking 2 Advil before bed. It was a little bit sore at the end of a pain free day. I think the pain came from bending over from packing - I'm moving in 3 weeks! Today my regimen of cleaning has been soaping up with Softsoap in the morning shower, a saline cleaning once or twice during the day and a sea salt water soak in the evening to soothe it. All seems well. Monday, March 20, 2000 All still seems well. It is a little more irritated today, as I had to wear a collared shirt to work. The collar rubs a little, but if I sit right it isn't a problem. I continue to do the same cleaning regimen. I have been virtually crusty free, and the scabs even fell off today. Thursday, March 23, 2000 Stopped in to see Joe today, to have him peek at my neck, He said that it looked good, if a little red. It seems that all my piercngs are red at the entrance and exits for a good amount of time, so neither of us are concerned. Now, I'm writing this, and I'm about ready to do my salt water soak! Thanks for reading!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Joe+Y
Studio: Evolution+Providence
Location: Providence%2C+RI

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