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**pixee's handweb**

lways admired piercings around the hands and wrists... they're so elegant and unique... once i began seeing pictures frequently on a couple of sites, i began to imagine myself with them... But i never actually considered doing it myself until about two months ago. i have a number of piercings (17 now, 14 in my ears, including inner conch, tragus, and industrial as well as my navel, and tongue.... my mother refuse to let me get anything on my face). unfortunately. i love body modifications of all kinds... as both an artist, and fan of BME. expression is very important to me, whether it is done through sound, paint, ink, scars, or steel. i have been extremely depressed, throughout the past year, which is when i have aquired most of my own piercings... they are one of the few things that can really cheer me up. A rush of pain beauty that you can't find anywhere else... and it was a particularly bad day when i did my handweb. i was sitting at my desk in my room, drawing in the dim light... just random lines really... more to see the color of the markers than anything else. i had been crying, don't remember exactly, and i figured it would be the perfect time to finally pierce my hand. i thought about it i didn't think i would actually be able to go through with it. it looked like quite a lot of skin once i looked closer... but i cleaned off a small safety pin and the area between my thumb and forefinger with alchohol anyway. fuck it. i looked carefully at the spot and chose a place that looked deep enough. (i have no clue about veins or anything around that area, but figured i'd notice if i hit one!) and pressed down as hard as i could. The pain that i felt was intense.. not bad at all, not unbearable, as all pain is beautiful in its way, but definately noticeable. And different from any pain i've felt before. it kind of travelled throughout and up my arm as i pressed down, like electricity. My heart was beating really really fast, and i felt the familiar rush run throughout my entire body, every nerve alive with it.

The skin there, however, was surprisingly tough, and i had to lean all of my weight on the pin, my hand palm down on my desk. with every push i thought 'now i'm that much closer... if i have to break through one cell at a time, i'll do it.' it took a while, but i was determined; kind of a 'i'll do it or die trying attitude,' and finally got it through, blood free. i was so happy that i had done it, as i hadn't really intended to pierce it in the first place, and now i had another ring to add to my list! my hand felt very very hot, stung like crazy, and it hurt to flex my fingers, but i put ice on it, which helped a bit. A few days the area was quite swollen, compared to my other hand, and hurt to the touch. The safety pin was too small, and didn't accommodate the considerable swelling very well, and because of the constant use of my hand (I snowboard and do kung fu) it became became even more swollen, and hurt to the touch. It was also 'lymphing,' as i believe you call it, which was kind of gross. It hurt so much, and made my hand so difficult to use, i decided it would be better to take it out. I also didn't like the thought of somehow permanently damaging my fingers through some kind of infection. With a lot of difficulty, i took out the safety pin, and washed the area off. nope... couldn't do it. About five minutes later, i took one of the CBRs out of my ears (18g i think) and, gritting my teeth, slid the ring through the hole.

After i changed the pin to the CBR, my handweb healed rather quickly, and the swelling went down. I also took care to soak it in salt water, and clean it with the soap i had left from my conch. The skin around the ring did get a little dry from all of the cleaning, and peeled a little... SO HEAR THAT PEOPLE? be careful, don't overclean piercings!!! i got a variety of responses from people at school, including strangers in walking up to me, asking to see 'what i did to my hand.' all in all pretty interesting, as most of them have never noticed my existence before. 'you're sick!' 'why the hell did you DO that?' 'that's so cool!' 'doesn't that get in the way?' my mom just kind of gave me a look, sighed, and shook her head. it's been two months, and i haven't noticed any migration yet.

I am not looking forward to losing this one, as it is one of my favorites... no one else i know has it, and i love the response i get from people. i absolutely love the way it looks, kind of resting between my thumb and forefinger, the contrast of metal against skin...

beautiful. anyway, if you are interested in getting a handweb piercing, i say go for it. but be aware that it does get in the way a bit, and catch on things, so be careful when brushing your hair!!! feel free to write!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 March 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: pixee
Studio: pixee%27s+room
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