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a year ago, I first became interested in piercing. Specifically, I wanted my tongue pierced. I was 17 though, and my mom wouldn't sign for it. Sure, I got sick of hearing "That's the most disgusting thing you could ever do!!" but it didn't deter me. For around 9 months, I read everything on body piercing I could fine, be it in libraries or on the net, or via friends. In August, two weeks before I left for school, my mother finally got some ear work done. Two days after I got to college, I pierced my own tongue. An eyebrow followed, then septum, bridge, another tongue, labret, two more bridges, two madisons, an anti-eyebrow, another labret, a medusa, a chin, some ear projects, and a third tongue. Then one day I thought to myself, I'd like something a bit more unusual. I thought about building on the ones I had, perhaps a madison ladder, or a few more anti-eyebrows, but that didn't really strike my fancy. Then I looked down and saw my left hand, plain and unadorned, and it hit me: fingerweb! I decided that I would eventually have the webs between all my fingers except my thumb and index pierced with microbarbells on my left hand, but I wanted to experiment with healing and migration and such before I did them all. I started with the web b/t my ring and middle finger. November... I was out of piercing needles, so I decided to resort to the method I'd used on my tongue and septum: a 12ga sewing needle. I ran to the store and bought some bactine and alcohol, as well as a fresh needle. After sterilising the needle and cleaning the area to be pierced, I clamped it. Starting from the top of the hand, I slowly pushed the needle through. The pain wasn't much worse than my eyebrow had been, but then I reached the calloused underside of my hand. The pain was excruciating as I drove the needle through. It felt exactly like a very large splinter was working its way out of my hand! Suddenly the needle was through, and I got ready to thread in my jewelry. Just my luck, the BB was off-gauge, slightly too large to fit through the hole. Rather than force it through, I chose just to let it go. I removed the needle and cleaned up, disappointed. Early January... Two months had gone by since I last tried to pierce my fingerweb and I decided it was time for another go. I chose the same location, and prepared my equipment. This time I was better prepared: 14ga needle and 14ga CBR (missing the bead though). This time I hardly flinched at the piercing, driving the needle through from dot to dot, only hesitating as it sliced through the callouses on my palm. I followed through with the jewelry, and closed the ring most of the way. About 5 minutes after I was done, my new hole was bleeding profusely; I had to wrap it in a towel before I went to bed so as to prevent dying my sheets red. For the next few days, the piercing healed really well. The bleeding had stopped the next day, and everything seemed in order, though my hand was a bit sore. 4 days after I did it, the ring fell out in my sleep and the hole closed. I had failed again, despite my every effort. Late January (two weeks ago)... Armed this time with a 12ga needle and a 12 ga CBR, I made another attempt. In order to ensure lack of migration, I did it deep, straight through muscle. This time hurt much less than the other two, and jewelry actually fit. As the week went by, my hand got more and more sore, until it hurt so much that I couldn't use it for shit. It also got horrendously infected and the top side began to migrate towards my fingers. After about 8 days of this, I lost patience with the pain, and took it out. My finger is mostly healed by now, but a huge scar and bulge of scar tissue is still there. Ultimately, while the piercing itself was relatively painless, the aftershock was the worst of all of what I've had. I still intend to do all my other fingerwebs on my left hand, the question is simply when and if this one becomes piercable again. I will say this though: for all the pain and discomfort, I really did like it during the short time that it wasnt. In summation, this was a really cool and fun piercing to have, and I have no doubt that I will do it once again. One day I WILL have all three webs done, mark my words.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Feb. 2000
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: selfdone
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