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a few months and 15 piercings later....

been thinking about surface piercings for about 2 years and had been unable to find a qualified piercer. I had tried about 50 places in that time, but very few would do what I wanted and no one had real good results. I had started to give up after seeing some awful scarring from a place in TN that repierced a nape 10 times. Then I got the push I needed. The guy I was seeing was completely against me getting any more piercings,(I already had labret,tongue and navel)and one night he really pissed me off. That was it, I was on the phone calling around to see if I could find anyone to do it. I was very shocked when I found out there was a place only an hour away that was willing to do surface piercings. I figured I'd go down and check it out, see if it was up to standards. And it was. He had several years of experience, and seemed very educated on the subject of surface piercings. Well, the first thing on my list was my nape. We measured to see how long of a bar I wanted, and decided on 2" because I wanted to get a bat tattooed on it and I needed enough room. He cut the monofiloment, sterilized it and then it was time. I was pretty nervous, more excited then scared, I think. I went back, he marked my neck, clamped it and that was it. It took longer to get the needle through then I expected, but it didn't hurt too bad. I left and drove the hour home, by the time I got there I was in a lot of pain. Then I realized it only hurt because I was keeping my neck so stiff. The piercing didn't hurt at all! I was able to sleep on it and everything. The only discomfort was if I tried to lean my head far forward. It was completely painless within a week. So, back down I went. This time I had decided on getting 2 piercings, one on either side of my collarbone parallel to it. Well, we measured marked and clamped. Ow! This hurt, the clamps caused a fair amount of damage because there wasn't much skin. It bled, and bruised pretty badly. But the piercing itself didn't hurt, just the clamps. On my way out, I told him not to expect me for a while because it was going to take a lot to get over this piercing. Wrong. The next week I was back again. We decided to do an armband of piercings on my upper arm. It took 6 one inch bars to go all the way around. No clamps this time. I was a little nervous about not using the clamps, I don't know why because it was a lot less painful. It took about an hour to do all six, mainly because I needed break between them. No bleeding, minimal bruising, but a week after that I was at the doctors rather then the piercers. I had gotten an infection, and it was not nice. I could hardly lift my arm, it was swollen and hot. He prescribed some antibiotics, and it cleared up right away. Only to come back a few days later while I was still on the prescription, so back I went. He gave me a stronger drug, and after that it seemed to be fine. I left that day to go to piercing school in NY. It was alright, but by now I had gone two weeks without getting anything. So I figured I'd let a student pierce me, and therefore it had to be something simple. I decided on a drake. Quick, painless, and no bleeding. But oddly enough, my whole ear bruised, down to my jawline. It didn't hurt or anything, and cleared up after 2 days. Then I decided it was time to continue on my spine. I wanted to try something a little different and asked Rob if he had any ideas. He asked if I'd like to try angling piercings on either side of my spine instead of going directly over it. I was game. We did four 2" piercings, 2 on either side. They were done freehand and it seemed to take forever to get the needle through. I'm sorry, but I had no patience. It was kind painful, but nothing intolerable. I love them, after a week they seem to be doing pretty good, no bruising, and no bleeding. And I didn't think about it until afterwards, but we had pierced right over where my bra would sit. Well, since then,(a week and a half ago)I have tried to wear a bra once. Not a good idea. When I went to take it off, it slid up and got stuck under my piercings. There wasn't much I could do, because I didn't want to move my arms since I didn't know where they were stuck and that only pulled more. I called my boyfriend for help. Before he did anything he asked if I'd ever do it again, and I said no. Once it was unclipped, I said, next time I'll make sure my bra strap won't be in the way. And I think he finally gave up on trying to convince me not to get any more. This weekend I told him I was going and he said don't do anything drastic. I asked what qualified as drastic, and he said "after last week, a ring through your forehead". So I decided to let Rob do my first "normal" piercing. A second labret. I think this actually hurt more then the first. Or maybe I just forgot how it felt. Anyway, all my experiences were good, and the only thing I wouldn't do again is my collarbone. I'm pretty thin, and definately do not have enough skin for it to be comfortable. I have yet to finish my spine, I want to go from shoulders to waist. My winter plans include the spine, a bracelet, and possibly 2 more armbands to make mine thicker. Then this spring I want to pierce my entire ribcage and then my hip bones.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Oct. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Rob
Studio: Reading+Tattoo+Co.
Location: Reading%2C+PA

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