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My Ankle

been looking at pictures and text experiences of Ankle Piercings for ages. The look of it at first looked kinda stupid, but after I kept looking, it looked really good. I knew I had to try it. I tried it one night, I made up some sea salt water,got some ice, got some antiseptic spray, and a needle. I cleaned my ankle, and sterilised the needle as best as i could, and just began to shove the needle through my right ankle. The easiest way to do it was horizontaly, so I did it that way. I put the ice on my ankle for a few mins, then just placed the needle on my skin, where i'd pulled it away from my body, and pushed. It entered the skin pretty easily at first, but then as it went further through, it was really hard to puch through, it kept becomming stuck. This was really starting to hurt, and wasn't even through the other side yet!! I kept on pushing, and it really hurt, but I saw it comming through the other side, so I didn't give up just yet. I carried on pushing, stretching the skin over the needle more, but the stupid thing didn't want to go through!! I just pulled the needle out, cos I was so mad. I then cleaned over where I'd tried to pierce it with some antiseptic spray, and left it. Anyway, about 2 days later, I still really wanted a hole in my ankle, so I waited until my mum went out that night (It was a tuesday night i can remember!!) I collected some ice, a needle, a safety pin, some sea salt water, antiseptic spray. First of all, I cleaned my ankle, then I decided where to do it, again, the easiest way was horizontally, just above the other holes i'd tried to do. I got hold of the needle and looked at it, but decided not to use the needle, I don't know why, I just found the safety pin easier to hold and push. First of all, I put the ice on my ankle, and left it for about 5 or 10 mins.I then pulled up the loose skin around the outside of my right ankle, and started to push the safety pin through. I didn't hurt at first, probably because the ice had numbed it. I kept pushing, and it went through the skin, and started to go through the inside of me. I then started to feel a dull pain, so with a sefety pin sticking out of me, I put the ice back on my ankle for another 5 mins. After that, I started to push again, I saw the end of the needle resting on the inside of my skin, where I wanted the exit hole to be, and however hard I pushed, the little sucker didn't want to go through. I couldn't give up though, not after this long, So I pushed even harder, and it started to break the skin, I pushed even harder, and the end of the pin just popped through! That didn't hurt at all. I cleaned around the safety pin, and I was about to close it, when I thought it was too big, as it was rubbing on that ittle bone on my ankle. I searched around my room for a smaller pin, as I am sure that I used to have a little on. I couldn't find one in my room, so, I ran downstairs, with a safety pin sticking out of my ankle. I couldn't find another pin, that was about 10 mins of searching. So i went back upstairs, all the time with this pin sticking out of my ankle, and rubbing on that little bone, which was kinda annoying. I went back to my room, and round a small silver ring, so I thought I'd put that in the holes. I slid the safety pin out, which hurt a bit, and as soon as I had it out, it started to bleed. Pretty bad considering the small size of the holes. I mopped up the blood, and started to put the ring in. I had lost the holes!! I got the ring into the first entrance hole, but i couldn't find the way to the other hole, and it had started to hurt pretty bad, and was still bleeding. I couldn't get the ring through, and it was hurting, so I gave up, quite dissapointed:( My ankle was still bleeding, so like always, i cleaned it with the anitiseptic stuff, and left it. Now I have 4 little tiny scabs where I tried to pierce my ankle. I really want to try this again, I think my ankle looks kinda empty and bare with no jewelry on it! so, wtach this space for my future ankle piercing (which I will make work!!) Heather


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Me
Studio: At+home
Location: NW+England

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