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My hand web piecing

et me start out saying I love body modfications. And I've done all my piercing work myself excluding my navel ( I was scared to do that one myself). I have my nose still pierced and now. I did my lip at one time (which was ripped out by a curious little kid I was babysitting) And also pierced my left eyebrow, but I must have hit a nerve or something because after I placed the ring in it started twitching so I took it out. But I am writting about my hand web piercing. I was around 17 at the time now 20, My cousin did hers and I thought it was just unique so I thought I'm gonna do mine I went home grabbed a lage thick needle a little bit thicker than the 18g ring I already had (from my lip piercing). Stearlized it in good along with the ring, numbed my left hand web between my first finger and my thumb with ice, and I was ready to go. I marked where I thought it would look best took a couple of deep breaths and shoved the needle in part way the needle wasnt very thick and I couldn't push it the rest of the way so I took it out, and went and got a thumbtack (yes the ones that hold your posters on your wall) and strearlized it and sat down again. Taking even deeper breathes than before because it was already throbbing counted to 3 and shoved it all the way through. Can you say PAIN? I quicky removed the thumbtack and replaced it with the hoop. Oh my god did it hurt like nothing I've ever pierced. I don't regret doing it only the fact that it migrated out after about 6 or 7 months. My most precious piercing was gone. But I did enjoy it while it lasted and am thinking about doing it again. I just need to get up the courage to do it again. I just dont want it to migrate out so I think next time I will go to a piercing studio. That and in addition to my 6 tattoos my nose and navel ring I'm also seriously considering piercing my inner labia. I dunno what my hubby is gonna think when I tell him that. LOL I think I might just wait till he is out of town on business that way it's already and he can't complain. I do recommend the webbing piercing if you enjoy pain :) Also I would like to talk about my navel ring. I was scared to go get this done but my best friend told me she would go with so I could squeeze her hand if needed. I was scared because up until then I had done all my piercing my self. We went too one of the best tattoo and piercing studio's in our area Living Images in Butte (small town in Montana). Liam came highly recommended so I was a little releaved but still none the less scared, will it hurt will it bleed is it gonna migrate out (like my hand web). All these questions are runing through my head. But I figured hell I'm gonna do it. So I walked over to the huge display case of jewelry and charms and picked out a 16g hoop with a blackk irridecent bead and a really cool feather charm. I paid him and he told me to walk around the counter at this time I was ready to back out but though hell I already paid him I might as well. So I pulled up my shirt and unzipped my jeans slightly and he asked where I wanted it placed, I choose the top part so he spent a few minutes marking the spot, and asked it I was ready and I said go for it. He grabbed the clamp and placed it down It didnt hurt (I was told the clamps were the worst part). He told me to breath deep and he couted to 3 and at about 2 1/2 he shoved it through. OH MY GOD I loved it the needle hitting my skin like a hot knife through butter made me cum litteraly. I gasped in extacy My friend was just staing there asking if I was alright and all I could say was WOW. It felt GREAT. Until it came time to slide the hoop in that hurt a little bit but not bad, he placed the charm on the hoop and closed it with the little black bead and it was over that quick. If I would have brought more money I would have done the bottom part of my navel too. Well that was about 2 years ago and it healed wonderfully, in only about 4 months I was able to pull and twist it. I went and got the hoop changed to a curved barbell, I wore that for about a year and just recently switched back to the hoop, the barbell got cought on my pants too much. But all I can say is if you are concidering piercing your navel go for it I've already talked a few of my friends into doing in. And not only does it look it also serves a sexual purpose, When my husband sucks or flicks it around with his tongue it honestly makes me cum :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Sept. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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