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My Nape Piercing

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Well, let me start out by saying I am not sure what made me decide to get the back of my neck pierced, but I am happy I did it. I get into this "I have gotta get something pierced" modes every once in a while and was looking at the BME site (which was referred to me by my ex-boyfriend) and found some photos of the nape piercing and really liked it. Since, at the time, I could not get the piercing that I had wanted, I thought that this would suffice and hold me until I can get the one I really wanted!!!

So.........I went into Forever Art to talk to the piercer Ben (who I have been pierced by before) to inquire about whether it would be a good idea for me to get it or not. I wasn't sure if it would migrate and if that was going to happen I didn't want to get it. I wasn't sure if my being skinny and not having much skin to pinch back there would make it to where it wouldn't heal correctly. He looked me over and said that there shouldn't be a problem, but if I wanted to think about it and come back that that would be cool. And so I did.

I thought about if this was what I really wanted to do only to, very shortly after, decide to go through with it. I got out of work on a Wednesday, went to my friend Brenda's house and said "come with me - I'm gonna do it". We walked into the shop where I was greeted my Ben and he asked if I wanted to go ahead with it. While he was getting all of the necessary paper work in order, my friend was just telling me how crazy I was. But she is used to it by now, being that this is the fourth time I have gotten something pierced.

While I was sitting and waiting for my turn to get pierced a couple of the people that worked there were asking what I was going to have done and wanted to watch me get it. Some of the other customers were eager for me to come out of the room so they could see what it looked like. I was getting very eager at this point and could not wait until I got it done. It was helping that everyone, and I mean everyone, in the main lobby wanted to see what it looked like. I think it intrigued them because I was a female....as if we can't handle pain!! Hello!!!!!! We are the ones that give birth aren't we!?!?!?!

Well, Ben came out and told me that it was my turn to come on in. I went into the room and Ben began to prepare my neck for the piercing. You know, the usual.......cleaning my neck, marking the spots where the needle would be going through and all of that jazz. And, of course, the constant changing of gloves (for sanitary purposes). Everybody that gets a piercing needs to make sure they go to a reputable, sanitary piercer.....you can't jeopardize your body with somebody who doesn't take the most sanitary route there is. (My personal opinion anyways) I was very impressed with Ben's work, when I had my daith piercing done about six months ago and I recommend anyone in the Corpus Christi area to go there and get pierced.

Anyways - Ben had me stand up straight while he marked my neck and made sure that it was straight.....I sure wouldn't want a crooked piercing and all. He had me lay down on the table on my stomach with my head hanging off the end. As I was laying there I told my friend that she had better not make any noises implying that it would be painful because she would only make it worse. She isn't as tolerable to pain as I am. Well, I felt the needle go in the first point. When I felt this it hurt a little, but I just took a deep breath in and slowly let it out and tah dah!!!!! It was over. I really expected it to hurt and I had prepared myself for the pain, but it really wasn't bad. I only felt it when it first went it and then that was it!! They took some pictures of it for their album and my friend took a picture for me personally because I wanted to have one for myself.

I then sat through yet another cleaning lecture.....as if I haven't heard the speach before, but they have to do it. Anyways - he told me how to clean it and all. I clean it while I am in the shower. I just pin of my hair while I am letting the conditioner sit and that is when I clean my piercing.

It has now been almost 3 weeks since I had it done. I am very happy with it. I barely even feel it. The only thing I have to be careful about is that I have long, curly hair and if I just lift it, without thinking, to put it in a pony tail it will slightly hurt because it wrapped around the balls of the barbell. But, overall, it rarely gets tangled. So don't let having long hair be the reason for not getting this done. I had alot of people ask me before I got it done if I was sure I should because I have my long hair and I didn't figure it would be a problem.........and it isn't.

If you are thinking about getting this done I say go ahead. I have no complaints about it. If you are not sure about it, just go and talk to a piercer at a body piercing shop....they should be able to answer any questions you have about it. If they don't want to help you than maybe that isn't the right place for you to get pierced. (Again - that is just my opinion)!!

:-) Smile - A very happily pierced individual. :-) [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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