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throat piercing from jenn

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I am submitting this article of information for anyone who is interested in frontal neck/throat piercing. It is a rather uncommon piercing, but very attractive (depending on your taste) and also a wonderful conversation piece. I'm a 21 year old ex-tattooist (not by choice), and I'd like to fill you in on my neck piercing experience.

I was, as stated earlier, a tattooist at a reputable studio in my hometown. Being that the field I was in at the time was a "perfection only" career, I looked to many sources for artistic ideas (mostly tattoo magazines and web sites, old celtic books, tarot cards, etc.). I found, on the cover of a tattoo magazine (I don't remember which one exactly), a picture of a girl closely resembling Bridget Fonda; short, underturned blond hair, a cuteness to her. She was sleeved out on her right arm-the picture had her from a side view, showing off her tat, but I noticed a glimmer of gold in the indention of her neck. A closer look revealed a captive ring throat piercing, which I had never seen before. After several days of talking to my fiance (at the time) about the piercing, we agreed that it would be a safe piercing, and relatively easy to take care of. My fiance also worked (and still works) at the studio that I worked. He is a professional tattoo artist and body piercer of eleven years, and any piercing I have done is done by him.

When the actual piercing took place, I was not scared, but a little nervous, because I'd never fathomed a throat piercing--it was something new and rare. We closed the studio one night, Ray gloved up, and we discussed exactly what kind of piercing I wanted. I decided I wanted a horizontal piercing through the front skin of the neck, and an oblong 14g curved barbell to go through it. I sat down, with my back totally erect (so Ray would be able to mark correctly where the needle should initially pierce and where it should come out of the skin), and we made dots where I wanted the skin pierced. It was then clamped and centered, which was a strange (but not painful) feeling. I looked up towards the ceiling to help stretch the skin, and when the needle went through my flesh, the point of contact wasn't felt--I mean, I couldn't feel my neck at all. It was as if someone had struck two matches at the same time, blown them out, and immediately dragged them down either side of my chest, just to the beginning of the curve of my breasts. A burning sensation, but not PAIN.

The needle was left in until the jewelry was inserted, which was not painful at all, either. I still had that numb, "I just got pierced" feeling where the actual metal was being put. As soon as the ball was put on the end of the barbell, I turned around to see the piercing. It had tiny drops of blood on the outsides of the puncture wounds, but after about three minutes of holding a paper towel with pressure on the piercing, the bleeding stopped, and I LOVED it. Ray did his the following day, but vertically in the skin directly below the Adam's apple.

Most people I came into contact with over the following months initially thought i was wearing a necklace, but did a double-take when the jewelry moved in my neck when I took a breath. The aftercare was simple--I washed around it in the shower, then lathered my hands up and soaked it in soap,winding the barbell around to work the soap through the hole. I then faced the shower nozzle and let the spray hit directly on the piercing, winding the barbell again to get the soap out of the hole. That's the only thing I did to cleanse it. The neck is a very soft tissue altogether, and overcleansing any piercing will eventually irritate the skin, cause redness around the punctures, and produce massive amounts of pus. The neck is no different-there was a small amount of redness aroung the entrance and exit of the needle, and a little pus daily, but not enough to be a bother. All in all, it was one of my favorite piercings. I say was because I no longer have it--not because it got infected or anything, just because honestly I got into a rather heated dispute with a co-worker, and the next day I found that I didn't have my neck pierced anymore (it had been ripped out, and we had been drinking). There is no scar where the ring was, and when I said "ripped out", I didn't mean "ripped", it was more like the ring got stretched in the tangle and fell out, so there is no horizontal "rip" scar, either.

I would suggest a neck piercing to anyone who is willing to give their new jewelry adornment a little extra special attention, just because it does tend to get a little crusty around the punctures, and you don't want to gross anyone out with your neck funk, you know, just to be courteous. But seroiusly, if you're looking for great, painless piercing, go to Eagle's Claw Tattoo in Hattiesburg, MS and see Ray Jeffus, or "Painless Ray" as he's known around here. Their address is 6111 US Hwy. 49, Hattiesburg, MS, 39401 and their number is (601) 261-9685. I would recommend them to anyone looking for great ink and painless piercing. You can also reach Ray online at [email protected] Give him a hit!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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