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My Nape Piercing

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Here I am Easter Sunday. It's been a trying weekend, as my family has

basically disowned me, broke down, and just started speaking to me again, all because of my first piercing. To me it seems stupid, but that's not the point.

It all started really before I even knew that body piercing existed

outside the tongues and navels of many a cheerleaders. I had always been interested in tattoos, but never knew that body modification existed. One day over the summer about two years ago, I took my little brother to Taco Bell for lunch. I didn't even have a car back then so we walked it. Anyway, there was a group of skater-punks there and one had two barbells in the back of his neck. I had never seen such a thing, and it seemed so beautiful to me. But, my parents wouldn't sign for me to get my eyebrow pierced, let alone the back of my neck, so it had to wait.

I had gone those two years wanting several piercings, but they always

changed, except the back of my neck. So I read, and I talked to people, and learned about surface piercings, and how to take care of them, and the right term used, and the types of jewelry and techniques used to decrease the risk of rejection. And decided that I would have my nape pierced twice, like the skater from Taco Bell.

So after all that thinking, I finally turned eighteen, and with my

birthday money in hand, picked a date, and headed out to Pleasurable Piercings, but not after getting yelled at when I decided not to lie to my mother. So, despite the extreme anger of my mother, and the threats of my father to rip it out, which were all too real, I drove my friends, who did not want to miss the opportunity to see me get pierced, and the fun began.

I wasn't as nervous as they thought I should be, and part of that was

the atmosphere. It was very clean, and the piercer, John Mclaughin, knew all about the things I had read about, and was very soothing and friendly. I felt very comfortable in his hands. I entered the room, and it looked like I was at the dentist, but that was OK because I love the dentist. He prepared everything and asked where on the nape I wanted it, and I got ready for the pain that I had imagined. I wanted it to hurt. I wanted to feel it because this was my piercing. This was my initiation, into what I didn't know, but it felt as though I was being promoted somehow. He clamped my skin, and stuck in the needle, and although I felt it, it was hardly what I imagined. I had seen people pass out because of an eyebrow ring, but I didn't even break a sweat. It was the best pain I've ever felt if that makes sense. The best way I can describe it is the feeling of a needle passing though a huge chunk of flesh, and then having a nylon chord stuck through. It was over sooner than I wanted, but it was still worth it. When it was finished, there was no pain, but the back of my neck felt really hot, as though I was sitting in front of a hot lamp, but that was gone by the time we got home.

I felt almost complete. If this took, then I could come back and get

the lower one done, and become the completed me. That is, until I got home and became disowned for a weekend. My family, except for my grandfather and brother, made me feel so shitty for something that made me feel so good. Emotions ran so high that they got me to promise I wouldn't get anymore.(A promise I do plan to keep....... for a few months anyway.) But now that they've had the chance to get used to it, and are talking to me again, it's much better. I will definitely go back and let John have a second go at it.

I feel almost whole, and definitely like I've accomplished something.

It seems to be healing great, it's not red at all, and there is no discharge. But beyond how much I love the way it looks, it's like a marking of my new adulthood. It's something that no one can take away from me; a feeling of independence and accomplishment.

Hollywood Tom Breen [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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