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Handweb experience

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Tuesday at 1:15 I went down to Experience The Beauty and got it done.. Okay.. lemme take a breath and I'll go back abit in time.. okay..

I've wanted this done for just about a year now.. I talked to Jason about it when I got my vertical hood done last year.. He tried to talk me outta it because its such a hard piercing to heal.. so I decided to wait awhile to be sure I really wanted it.. But the longer I waited the more I knew I wanted it.. So when my wonderful loving boyfriend asked me what I wanted for my 24th

I called Jason around the 19th of march.. This was the scary part.. He remembered me! He remembered when I got my hood done..a whole year before.. he remembered that I had wanted to get a horizontal.. but couldn't.. so I got the vertical instead .. he remembered that I got my tragus done.. almost 2 years ago.. and that I had gone on a road trip after.. it was freaky.. realize that I hadn't gone in yet.. he just remembered me from it was so cool..

So.. anyways.. he told me to come in so he could look at my hand and measure it and whatnot.. I decided to pop in the following Tuesday to get looked at.. so.. Tuesday finally comes.. I dragged a girlfriend with me since she wanted to have him take a look at her belly button after he measured me we decided to go with a 1/2" 14gauge L bar..

I made an appointment for the following Tuesday..

I'd be sitting all nice and quiet.. then glance at my hand and start My roommate kept telling me that cause I made the appointment for a week away that something was bound to screw up

(Ed note: Crazier that is, she was already crazy :)

So.. finally Tuesday came... I tried to get my bf to come with me.. But a dumb meeting at work kept him from joining me.. (Ed note: I also had to bake a cake for her, another surprise) I was pretty upset..but I managed to drag a gf with me we took a cab down...

all the way there I was bouncing.. She force fed me these dumb little sugar gummy candies because she realized that I had forgotten to eat before the appointment and I had told her before how people should eat before piercing so they don't feel light headed and faint.. So I managed to force a few

So finally we made it down.. I got to sit around for 15-20 mins before they were ready for me... We talked and joked around with

So.. finally.. he's ready for me... I go into the back room.. we talked about random stuff.. He put on his gloves and he started messing around with my hand.. looking at it.. figuring out where to put the hole..

Sue showed me that everything was sterile.. he changed gloves, and cleaned my hand with that brown stuff.. he marked and remarked my hand a few times with a felt pen.. finding the perfect spot.. then he used this thing to see there it would come out on the other side.. he used a flashlight to see through my hand to be sure we missed all the nasty blood vessels and whatnot.. it looked perfect..

So.. finally.. its time.. he changed his gloves and started opening the packages with my needle and jewelry and whatnot.. he asked me if I wanted to watch or not.. I told him I wasn't sure yet.. Sue I had brought my green little lizard thing to squeeze while he stabbed me. He told me to start taking nice deep breaths and that he was gonna push with the back of the needle first so I'd know what to expect.. I told him then that I wasn't gonna watch.. He laughed and said okay.. I was doing my breathing.. He said okay.. We do it on 3.. He counted... 1.. 2..... 3.. Push.. SCREAM... I immediately looked at my hand... For those of you who don't have this piercing... you have NO idea what its like to see a needle sticking outta the

I looked and the first words outta my mouth was 'Oh my gawd that looks so.. WEIRD!' He laughed.. He told me he was gonna put the jewelry in next and that it would sting.. I braced myself.. Looked away again.. He told me to breath.. And.. Holy shit.. Pain.. I screamed again... It was like a bad burning pain.. Both the piercing and the jewelry placement hurt a bit more than I expected.. but I was hoping it would hurt since my hood didn't I don't

I sat there for awhile.. Sue got me some water..I was still

They told me I could lay down if I wanted.. But I was okay.. I got such a rush.. It was great.. Jason went over my after care.. He felt kinda... I dunno.. Since I had been pierced by him twice before and whatnot I already knew a lot of what he was telling me.. He's having me soak my hand in a salt bath 2-3 times a day for 15-20 mins.. I couldn't stop

I got up to go.. walked into the waiting room.. it was full.. my roomie.. plus 3 guys and another girl... they all heard me... Shannon laughed and told me she..

She told me to show her.. She said it looked really cool.. she's also made it a point to tell everyone we come across that I don't mind cause I tell

I paid my bill.. Jason told me to come back and he would take pictures of it for his portfolio if I wanted since he was outta

He even offered to take a pic of my hood so I could finally show my

With the bill paid, and the chocolate easter egg things given.. we were off...

I made Shannon come with me for sherbert.. since I wanted some

We stopped by a friend's and he freaked when he saw it.. so far its

I've had people stop me on the street and ask me about it..

Sue and Jason called me the next day to see how everything is going.. I'll probably pop in Tuesday and have him take a quick look at it

I've banged it.. oh.. maybe 76547646 times so far.. Last night I banged it in my sleep and I woke up with a scream.. but.. Even with

I've had it 5 days now.. and I love it more and more the longer I the jewelry doesn't even stick.. I'm getting no crusties, I've had no bleeding, and other than some dry skin.. its behaving wonderfully..

Thanks to any of you who bothered to read this.. and thanks 674547687665 times to Jason and Sue at Experience the Beauty in Winnipeg..

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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