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My hand web experience

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On new years eve, this amazing girl and I were kicking it at her house. I have been longing for another piercing, and I couldn't think of what I should get. I've been wanting to get my hand web pierced for a long time. She had just taken out her two web piercings in her hand because they did not heal right, and wanted to do it again. We contemplated for a while, and just decided to "fuck it" and go on with it.

She asked me if I was ready and counted to three, and looked me in the eyes. She pierced mine first, with a 14 gauge needle. She stuck it in between my pinky and ring finger. The sharp needle penetrated my skin. It felt like a dull needle being inserted into leather. Pain shot up my arm. My arm tinged with extacy. As she inserted the jewelry, the needle slipped out. I was stunned when I saw the hole, but no jewelry in it. She frantically picked up the needle, and debated about sterilizing first. I told her to fuck it and just try and insert the jewelry. The jewelry wouldn't go in, and the harder she shoved, the more it hurt.

I was so incredibly hyped about the experience, I told her to pierce it again. The second time was even better. Two holes were made, but the jewelry was only inserted into one. We put a 14 gauge captive into my hand. I got a dizzy sensation after she got the ball on. I couldn't stand up. I collapsed onto her bed and felt fuzzy and weak. It was extraordinary. Blood dripped down my arm as I squirmed on the bed. I felt like I was stoned, and felt uneasy, yet calm. It was very strange. She was up next.

She pierced her right hand, in the same place. It was a little harder for her to pierce because she had done it before, and the needle had to pass through scar tissue as well as the flesh. Our blood dripped down from out hands as we frantically cleansed ourselves with bactine. Numerous cotton balls were stained with a crimson red hue. The blood did not stop dripping. After every cleansing, blood kept seeping out.

She was disappointed that she didn't get a dizzy feeling in her body. We rested a while, and went to pick up her friend at the airport. It was very amusing walking down the terminals with blood dripping down your hand. I was incredibly excited about my new piercing. My hand was numb and cold. I could not feel any pain, or any feeling.

After the days passed by, the skin began to swell up and turn red. I took numerous long baths attempting to squeeze out the pus and blood. The skin became stiff. It was a nuisance, but well worth it. The swelling slowly went down, and I soaked my hand in lavender water everyone and a while to promote healing. I do not recommend using bactine as a antiseptic. It dries out the skin and can actually prolong the healing.

After a few months, the flesh kept on ripping internally. I caught it on everything. I had trouble washing my hair, brushing my teeth, and even typing. One day in PE our class was playing basketball, and the ball was thrown to me. I caught it and it hit my hand extremely hard. It began to bleed and I went to the nurses office to get cleaned up. I debated whether I should keep it in or not. It was annoying, but after all that care and attention, I didn't just want take it out allow it to close up. It got infected and it swelled up. My hand was red and hurt everytime I touched it. It was highly sensitive and I was scared it was going to do further harm to my hand. I sketched that the infection would travel down my hand and paralyze it. I finally made up my mind during a hot bath and took it out. I squeezed all of the puss out and let it soak in hot water. Stress immediately lifted from my body, and I felt free. Few more months passed, and now I have no scar, and a small ball of scar tissue in my web. It took a while for the swelling to go down, and for my skin to produce more cells to close the hole, but at least it was not messy. It was an exciting experience. To anyone who has not done it before, I highly suggest getting it done, but do it with a professional piercer. Body modification can be extremely dangerous if not done carefully and safely. No hole or scar is worth your health.

If anyone has any hand web experiences, questions, or comments, you can e-mail me at [email protected] or contact me through the BME BBS.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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