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Ankle Piercing & More...

t the beginning of 1998, aged 17, I had a total of 2 man-made holes in my body. One ring through each earlobe. How adventurous! Exactly one year later, I have a total of 10, and am pondering on my 11th.

It all began when, after all my friends had 2 or 3 earrings per ear (the craze amongst 15 year olds ~ I was at least 2 years behind!), I realised how desperately uncool I was and virtually begged my strongly Catholic, anti- piercing mother to let me have another one in each earlobe and one in the cartilage. To my surprise, she actually agreed (despite the compulsory lecture on how 'nice' girls don't have pierced body parts). They hurt more than expected, and my mother watched on, a sadistic 'I told you so' smile on her face.

Then, in March '98, I fell completely in love with the little silver ring my friend had through her navel, and decided I wanted one too. But, of course, my mother would never allow it. 'Screw it', I thought 'She'll never know'. So, a month later, I went ahead and got it done. Remembering the pain from my ears, I walked into the little room with dread. But once in there, it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. My piercer, Gary, was friendly and professional and really put me at ease with his friendly banter. I lay back in the dentist-like chair, grabbing my best friend, Saras, hand and told him to go ahead. Keeping my eyes firmly shut, I heard the sound of the latex gloves as he put them on. Not the most reassuring sound in the world, I can tell you. He stuffed cotton wool down the waistband of my jeans (for what purpose, I have no idea) and cleaned the soon to be affected area. Then out came the freezing spray. It was cold, very cold, and soon it felt like I had no stomach. Then a dull sensation as he stuck the needle in, and I looked down, despite Emilys warning against it. What I saw next made me want to pass out. A curved needle sticking out of my stomach reminiscent of many a teen horror flick. But I felt no pain. I just lay back as I felt him put the jewellery in, a purple double-jewelled barbell.

Once it was done, I loved my new piercing, but as I walked down the street, I could feel the anaesthetic wearing off, and the most agonizing pain set in. I was left doubled over in pain for the rest of the day. But, by the end of the week, the pain soon wore off, and I was soon showing it off (whilst hiding it fom my mother, of course!).

After the pain of my pierced belly-button, I never thought I would ever have another piercing. Could I have been more wrong? I started college in Autumn 1998 and fell in with a bit of a goth crowd. A couple of the girls had nipple piercings and I thought they looked so cool. So, in October 1998 I was a bit depressed after having a few boyfriend troubles and it was the ideal thing to cheer me up. So back I went to the piercing place. I was so scared, having always been conscious of my body (fat bum, wobbly thighs et al.) the thought of getting my tits out in front of a complete stranger worried me to no end. But once in that chair, I thought nothing of it. The area was cleaned and frozen and it felt SO GOOD as Gary clamped my left nipple and pierced it. The sensation was dulled but the feeling was wonderful as he put in a horizontal silver CBR. Despite myself, I found the whole experience deeply exciting. I experienced a little bleeding at first, but after a couple of days my nipple was perfect. And did I want to show it off. From a shy body-conscious girl, I soon changed, getting my tits out at every possible occasion. It worked wonders for my confidence.

But then, in December I fell out with my new friends and had to transfer to another college for my own safety. Feeling depressed, I wanted to cheer myself up. So, once again, I dragged Sara down to the piercing place. I had decided to take the plunge. I was going to get my clitoris pierced. To get this done was scandalous, no doubt. People would talk, I knew that, but I needed this little confidence boost to get me through my first day at a new college which was the next morning. Once there, the shop was empty, and I had Garys undivided attention where we decided upon the merits of clit piercing. Eventually I decided on a vertical bar through my hood, and he assured me it would be painless. But there was one problem. My age. For a genital piercing in the UK, you must be at least 18. But, being 3 days off my 18th birthday, I decided to tell a little white lie. And I am so glad I did. I was nervous as I stripped from the waist down and lay back on the chair, legs apart. Emily came in with me, insisting she didn't want to watch, but curiosity soon got the better of her. Again, the area was cleaned and frozen, and again the tingling sensation felt kind of nice. But no way was I prepared for what came next. As he put the needle through, I felt possibly the most pain I had ever felt. But it only lasted a couple of seconds. And it was worth it. And it was this piercing which changed my life. I became confident (especially with the opposite sex!), an exhibitionist, not shy of my body or sexuality. Not afraid to discuss my new piercing with anyone who would listen. And it improved sex to no end. The little ball kind of sat on my clit, stimulating it as my partner was penetrating me. And I just discovered that, when I'm feeling really horney, if I clench the muscles around my clit, the bar kind of moves, making me cum. It's great! When word got round at college, everyone was talking about me. Opinions were diverse, some found the idea a turn on, while some people called me a whore (mainly females). Everyone was curious, interested in me for the first time! I loved the attention!

Then with more men problems in January 1999, I decided to get a matching CBR in my right nipple. I was developing a little pattern now. If I had a new problem I would buy new lingerie, and if that didn't work, I'd get a new piercing. The experience was very similar to before, except this time I kept my eyes open. Instead of being horrified, I was, once again, turned on by it. I had no friends with me this time, but that made no difference. Gary was getting to know me now and it felt like I had a friend piercing me, not a stranger.

Last month (February 1999), having successfully hidden all 4 body piercings from my mother I decided I wanted another. This time I wanted something a bit more unusual and decided on a flat skin piercing on my ankle. Sara came with me again, and she says it was the most repulsive thing she had ever seen. Because of the angle, I had been unable to see what was going on, and it was a scary experience. My foot was numbed and I felt nothing. All I know is what Sara told me. Apparantly he marked it out with what looked like a miniature torture instrument, pinched the skin and stuck the needle through. I now have a blue double-jewelled bar through my ankle. I love it so much. It is so individual, I have never seen, or heard, of another person with it done. If anyone out there does, could you please e-mail me and let me know? Thanks.

Anyway, I have now spent £170 on body piercing (not including ears or jewellery), my favourites being my hood and my ankle. I am now pondering on what to get done next. It is between the bottom of my back just above my butt or another genital piercing. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Piercing has really worked wonders for my confidence. I now love my body, and love showing it off. I would like to get into modelling (topless) and porn because I want to show the world my body and what piercing has done for me.

E-mail me at; [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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