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    Three weeks passed since my last piercing (second tongue piercing) and  Jenny decided it was

time for something new! I was contemplating getting my handweb done. The first time I went to get pierced my friend Jenny had mentioned something about how she used to think about getting her handweb pierced. Actually she said "this" and pointed to the skin between her thumb and index finger. I later found a picture on BME of a handweb done and thought it looked cool. After having all of those facial piercings I thought lets pierce something else! So on January 5, 1999 my friend, Robert and I headed back to Fingers. Oh and Rob was going to get another eyebrow pierce.

  We walked in and told Jody (the blonde guy) that Robert wanted his brow pierced again.  I told

him that I wanted my handweb done and he said okay but you know that it will probably not stay in. He then told me that there was a very small chance that it would last due to all the movement in that area, it really doesn't get a chance to heal and that it is on the hand where you touch everything. This made me hesitate, but I still wanted it. I had the 3/4" barbell that I had initially pierced my tongue with and this was going to be the barbell that I wanted in my hand. So he took back my jewelry to Billy to have it autoclaved and Robert and I waited in the lobby. After a short time Billy came out and sat in front of us, looked at me and said "You wanted your handweb done, um ... Why"? Billy continued saying "I'm sure that Jody went over the reasons not to get it, and I am not trying to talk you out of it, but it probably won't stay in". He then told me that one out of every ten people get to keep it. Now I am definitely hesitating with both of these people telling me that it might not be that great of an idea. He took us back to the piercing room and asked if I was going to go ahead and go through with it. I was unsure at this point. He said he could go ahead and pierce Robert first to give me more time to decide. So I sat there thinking should I, should I not.

      After he finished with Robert, he asked me again, and I was still unsure.  I wanted the

piercing, but I was not sure if it was a good idea. Then the Tattoo artist Brian walked by and Billy asked him what he thought the chances were of the handweb staying in. He replied one in twenty. Great even better odds. I got in the chair and Billy went to go get the barbell. I looked at Robert and asked what he thought. He replied that it might come out and it might not, but at least you can say that you had it done. He also said that he personally faced with the same dilemma, he would get it done to find out if he was that "one". Cool advice and I took it. So on with the procedure.

   Billy told Jody that I was going ahead with it and Jody grabbed Brian's camera to picture the

event for their portfolio. Billy started with the usual putting on gloves, he put on my hand some brownish substance, then he marked it. I was a bit nervous about the pain, because I have never shoved a piece of metal through my hand before. SNAP. After marking it, Billy switched gloves and grabbed the clamps. He clamped where the marking was. SNAP. He put the needle in this jelly stuff. I thought at this point, hey wait, I can see this! I hadn't really been able to see the others done on me since it was always my face. He put the needle where the marking was, ready to puncture. I decided at this point I should look away incase me seeing it done might make it hurt worse. Billy said take a deep breath. I did and held it. I felt the needle going through my skin and coming out the other end. It hurt a bit, but not unbearable. SNAP. Breath. I looked over and saw the needle sticking through my hand. Interesting sight. Jody asked me how it felt to have a needle sticking in my hand. I wasn't too sure what it felt like, since you can't really compare it to anything except a needle sticking through your hand. Then Billy put the jewelry in. This hurt a bit more than the piercing. "Ouch", I said. Oh, I looked away as he did this too. SNAP. I looked over and here was the barbell that was in my tongue now in my hand! Yeah it was done. Jody was disappointed that there was no blood. Jody snapped a couple more pictures. Billy had to hold my hand steady as it was shaking from the event. Billy told me, just wash your hands as much as possible with anti-bacterial dial. I do wash my hands quite often, so I figured this would not be a problem. It was a little red on the skin where it was pierced. Billy told me that if it got redder than that then I should take it out. He also said to prepare for the question "Why"?

  With my new handweb Rob and I took off for home.  On the way home it throbbed a little as I

was driving, but was not bad. We stopped to visit Rob's friend at the gas station and after she saw it the first question she asked was "Why"? "Why not", I replied.

    The next day I had to learn to do everything with one hand.  Shower, wash my hair (which was

difficult especially with my long hair), put on clothes. It took me a bit longer to get dressed in the morning. Well I guess with the tongue it takes longer to eat, so with this it takes longer to do damn near everything else. To dig into my pockets I have to take my thumb and smash it tight against my index finger and hope that the barbell doesn't catch on the way out. I have caught it on a few things and it hurts like hell.

   My handweb is a month old today (2/2/99).  It is still here in my hand.  I think that is

cool. The skin on the top of the barbell is still a little red and a layer of skin peeled off the top. The skin underneath doesn't look thin so I am hoping that it is still okay. A lot of people have seen my handweb and the main question is "Did it hurt". My main response is, "What do you think"? If you really want to know, then try it yourself. I am happy with my piercing and plan to keep it as long as it stays in. I am thinking of getting a shorter barbell in it soon. As with all of my piercings I love it and say that if you want one you should go ahead and try it. You never know, you might be the "one".

By the way Fingers is a cool piercing place in Albuquerque NM. They are at 1309 San Pedro NE. If you are in the Albuquerque area I recommend going to Fingers.

Jenny [email protected] http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Theater/1342/


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 1999
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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