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madison piercing.

ison piercing.

Here is my personal experience with a madison piercing.

My partner and I were planning on going into The Gates of Hell, in Troy, NY, to get a new barbell for her tongue- she had had it pierced there by Jeff, and was ready to have it downsized. I wasn't planning on having anything done at the time, but I was considering buying a curved barbell to replace the captive bead ring in my navel once it heals completely, so I went along. Jeff had done two piercings for me before- a cartilage pierce and a rook.

We had been in the shop earlier, but Jeff wasn't in. However, I happened to notice a photograph of a madison on the shop's wall. I was a little surprised- I have never seen a madison in person, and Troy is not exactly New York City, I had no idea that Jeff had been doing madison piercings. When I asked him about it later, he confirmed that he had performed the pierce, and that some months later the model still had the jewelry in with no problems.

I must admit that this intrigued me. To tell the truth I had never considered getting any really serious work done in Troy, and always assumed that if I wanted something as "radical" as a madison, I would have to go into the city. Which discouraged me, mostly due to logistics and financial problems.

After going back and forth with Jeff a little, we decided that I was going to get the madison- that night. Which is a little spontaneous, even for me, and I am very surprised and very glad that my partner did not try to talk me out of it!

The ring he had in mind was a 3/4 in 12 ga SSS captive bead ring, with a skull as a bead. 12 ga sounded a little big(!) for a madison, as I had only seen pictures at 14 ga, but this reassured me a little, as I am very afraid of lower gauges and tearing of skin. He marked the entrance and exit holes on my upper chest, laid me down, had me do breathing, and stuck the needle in, exactly on the holes. The jewelry went in with no problems, and it was a little less painful than I had imagined it. Much less painful that my nipple piercing was.

Everything that Jeff worked with was completely sterile, and his bedside manner(?) is impeccable.

There was some fear that I would need to tape the piercing down a little before it healed, to avoid it sticking straight out from my chest, but due to the fact that the ring was so heavy, it hung perfectly, no taping necessary.

I dutifully washed with antibacterial soap twice a day, and soaked it in salt water whenever possible. Although it was very sore and a little painful in that first week, the redness had already started to go down and the piercing looked very beautiful, if I do say so myself.

Almost a month later, the jewelry is still in place. Around the second week it looked as if it was going to grow out, and while the hole did close up a bit, it stopped closing, it stopped oozing, and now there are hardly even any crusties on it. It is not painful at all, and it moves through the piercing freely. I am pretty sure that it will grow out eventually (and I was pretty sure of this at the time I got it, too, what with such a big ring and all), but for the moment I am thoroughly enjoying my madison.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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