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14g Nipples

I've been interested in body modification for... a long while now (no need to detail my history of adolescent needle exploration and home-made tattoo guns). Well, that state of stupidity ended years back when I realized that hope was on the horizon- age 18 was approaching- enough to keep me away from alcohol soaked sewing needles. I finally turned 18, legal and free to mod as I pleased... minus my parents' rules. "No piercings in the house; either they're out or you're out." I had waited this long, why not a few more months?
That was not my attitude. I was thinking more like 'out of sight, out of mind, and out of the piercing-ripping, tattoo terminating grip of my parents'. Something concealed would satisfy my urge as well as their confidence that I was thoroughly unpierced.
So I decided to jump in feet first, no scuba gear, polar-bear swim style. Nipple piercings.

I had been to a few piercing places with friends [obviously, their parents' rules were different]. None of them seemed right to me though. So I asked around and opted for the opinion of a trusted friend. She had been pierced and tattooed at this particular shop for a while and swore by it. I planned a date, called the shop (Turnpike Tattoo), asked for the prices [I had expected around $75-100 for both nipples and was shocked to hear that they charged $50 for one and merely $60 for both], asked for an appointment and was told to just walk in. And that's what I did. The whole day before going I was so excited. Driving there, I was even more excited. I don't remember feeling nervous until the needle was pressing against my skin. Before I get to that part though, I will tell you that, as a tiny 18 year-old girl walking into a shop full of guys tattooed up to their eyeballs, asking for nipple piercings was a little intimidating. Once "I'd like to get my nipples pierced" slipped out of my mouth, I looked around to find solace in everyone's composed faces. A woman preparing for her tattoo sitting looked over with assurance; "It's not embarrassing, it's hot!" We laughed, I handed over my ID, signed the release form, and finally met the man who would be stabbing my bits for money, Troy.

We walked back into the piercing room. Very clean, white, with tiny pierced silicone body parts on one side of the room, and the tools in their plastic packs on the other. In the middle was the ever-present medical chair. I sat on the edge of the chair as he instructed me to do. He was talking, telling stories, he was funny and I felt relaxed. I took off my jacket.
He was getting his tools ready, still making conversation. I was feeling more and more at ease. By the time he was done setting up, I was completely comfortable. I wouldn't say I whipped off my shirt like it was nothing, but he was professional and the room was warm so off came my shirt and on went his sanitizing cream and pen marks and over went I to the mirror to see that they were perfectly aligned.

He clamped me in, the part I was told hurt the most, but didn't bother me. I barely felt it. Though, in hindsight, that's not really the feeling you'll remember. He lined up the needle, instructing me to inhale and exhale... inhale and exhale... inhale and ex... I could feel the needle pop through that first layer and then tug a little before exiting. My reaction was to back away, but the needle was already through. "Don't run away from me, you don't want a crooked piercing," he said. This was true, but it also hurt like, well, like someone had just poached my nipple. The pain was only momentary. The jewelry, a 14 gauge CBR, slid in smoothly, and then it was on to number two. I had brought my girlfriend for support and had left her to watch for the first one, but as he lined up the needle once more, I grabbed her hand, intent on staying steady the second time. Again, I took my breathes, anticipating the pain that came on that third exhale. Everything seemed to go a bit slower this time. I pulled away so he had to shift with me, trying to keep the needle straight as he pushed it through the last layers. He put in the jewelry, bent it closed, and it was all done.

We joked a little more and he told me how to care for them, just some Dial soap twice a day- lather then rinse a few times and that's it. I paid and vowed to be back. It was only later that I remembered the tip. I felt horrible! He had done such a great job and I forgot the tip... well, here's a tip for you- DO NOT forget to tip! Also, winter is not the best season to get such piercings. For two days after, every time I got a chill, a pain shot through my nipples, causing a lot of public groping on my part. After about a week they felt fine though. They only hurt when I was working, moving my arms and shoulders a lot. After two weeks, not even that bothered them. But, I will say, they have become so sensitive! And another thing for all you ladies: I found that wearing a padded bra really helps. Nothing fancy, just something with padded cups that keeps me covered, especially when sleeping.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 Dec. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Troy
Studio: Turnpike+Tattoo
Location: CT

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