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my exciting, fun filled, nipple piercing adventure.

Wednesday 9/9/09. Epic day. I had finally decided on getting my nipples pierced. Only after I had picked the Wednesday, after I was in the shop signing the form for my piercings did I realize it was 9/9/09. How exciting. Any who, I had decided to get my nipples pierced on a partial whim of teenage freedom of expression. A breakthrough for my adult hood as I had recently turned 18 and was in college. So I could do that sort of thing without asking my mom. Chances are she wouldn't have agreed. So yay for the legal age of piercing.

I decided on an APP approved shop. It was the only one in San Francisco. I wasn't having no body nowhere piercing my babies without some kind of important certificate. I was not risking anything; this ain't no free Claires lobe piercing, bitch. So I make it to the shop, nervous as hell. I had done a significant amount of research on the topic of pierced nipples for about a year already so I knew my shit. Didn't relieve my anxiety. The people are pretty damn nice at cold steel America which helped quite a bit, especially after a bum threw ketchup packets not at, but next to me moments before when I was down the street. Not an anxiety reliever there. So, I'm signing the papers, saying if I had any drugs or alcohol(fortunately no) recently or what I'm allergic to(which would only require an answer from me if they pierce with tomatoes) or if I have any weird reactions to piercing they should know about. 

In fact that last one there is prevalent. The way adrenaline affects my body when I get an extreme-er piercing than a typical lobe (especially under high stress) is to make me pass out. I haven't yet, but have been close enough to know that I could. I knew this from my industrial bar where my vision went almost all black and definitely almost lost consciousness.  

So knowing this my piercer took it into consideration.  We get into the doctor office like piercing room. He asks me to take off my shirt so I can be marked. I decide to get them straight across. He uses that infamous purple ink to mark and I go check to see if it's straight. It is. And I lay down on the seat thing in the middle of the room as my piercer goes and gets all the pre-autoclaved things required. Two of my friends are in the room with me and they're like "holy crap, are you nervous?" in which I respond "pffft no of course not" as my hands and arms are shaking, as well as my voice too from all the built up anxiousness. My piercer comes over to the table and I'm now holding one of my friend's hands. He tells me to breathe in, and on three, let it out. I nod. One, two, three, and Jesus Christ the 14 gauge needle started to go through. Now, I had heard this piercing hurt. And damned straight it did. I think this is partially because of the time it takes to make sure t

he piercing is going straight through the nipple. So as the needle is chargin through tissue I say (in my "inside" voice; definitely nowhere near yelling) something to the effect of, 'holy fuck Christ ow piss bitch whore fuck ouch ahhhh". And the needle was through and my friends were amused by my reaction. Awesome, at least my pain is entertaining. Next was to slip the jewelry though. My response was, "agghhrrh gaaaaaaadddd". And he screwed on the ball to the end of the barbell and I look down and see my sparkly new piercing. I relax a little. But then I realize I have a whole nother nipple left. He comes back over with another needle and asks if I'm ok to do the next one. I say yes. Same procedure of one two three holy crap pain. Similar strings of obscenities were uttered for nipple number two, possibly more. As everyone says, the second is worse than the first.

But to be perfectly honest, I didn't think it was THAT bad. The pain wasn't unbearable, and I thought I had a low pain tolerance (proven wrong).  I didn't cry, my eyes didn't even water, it was easier than I expected. But don't be fooled. It hurts like a bitch.

So I laid there for a minute to make sure my vision wouldn't tunnel on me and my piercer got me some water. I was so hyped I didn't really look in the mirror and pulled my t shirt on.

Note about shirts: I have found a bra actually feels a hell of a lot better than free flowing shirt. Shirts have the tendency to rub against the tender piercing (this was only a problem for the first couple weeks). I wore a big shirt because I assumed bras would be the enemy and wore it out braless no problem though. I ended up keeping my arms crossed over my chest so the material wouldn't rub, it definitely helped.

I paid (mostly with a visa gift card my grandmother gave me, she still doesn't know what I used it on), we were out, I was happy; my friends called me brave and a badass. I felt special.

They were a little throbby that day and I just went home and slept for a bit afterwards. When I woke up I went to the mirror to fully check out my new barbells. They were fabulously straight across and absolutely adorable. I love them.

That night I was able to sleep on my stomach no problem and though most of the time I wore a bra, sleeping without one wasn't an issue. I did not purchase a cleaning solution from the shop, nor did I have one lying around. I bought some sea salt (I think) to make mix with, but ended up not using it more than 3 times. I showered once to twice a day, carefully picking off any gunk that had formulated around the outsides. Always did this after they were wet so there was no pain or rippage. Occasionally used antibacterial soap lightly around them as well.

I put tissues in my bra the first couple weeks incase anything would irritate them. This came in handy because one of them started bleeding a day or two later. It was not much and this was the only time it ever happened, but it was nice not to get it on my bra.

I haven't heard anyone else mention this, but I figured I'd say something. There is a difference in my boobs from perky, to relaxed, as with every girl. My nipples were pierced while they were relaxed. I noticed that when they are perky, my barbells tilt inward, in a v shape, even though they are straight typically. Not a huge deal, but its noticeable and maybe someone would like to know.

It's been three months now and they are healing fabulously. I still get a little bit of crusties, but nothing big. I wear a bra 90 percent of the time and when I don't, putting shirts on has never been a problem. They don't really catch on much. Except for one shirt that had a lot of strings on the inside, be wary of those.

Also, my nipples are not permanently hard. That is usually the first question after, "did it hurt?" They look pretty much the same aside from the little surgical steel balls on either side. Sensitivity is also increased, which is a bonus if you like that.

Another randomish fact is: if it's really cold out, you can feel things shift in the boob region. The first couple weeks this was rather uncomfortable, but it's nothing too noticeable anymore.

So there's my story, nothing too horrifying. I hope I have some info here that's helpful. I'm planning on getting more piercings and a tattoo, so if my writing is decent enough, I'll submit those as well :D

Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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