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New Nipple Hardware, Not So Bad!

Anyone with piercings and tattoos, or probably any mod for that matter, knows that familiar itch - the one that can't be scratched without adding new art and jewelry to your body.

I got that itch about a month ago and decided I needed to get my nipples pierced. I pored through the experiences on BME just like you're doing now, read up on all the risks, problems, rewards, and aftercare. Much like most others with this piercing, I liked the idea of a piercing that's my little secret, and I think they're pretty. I love the idea of sparkly jewelry hidden away for me and my boyfriend to enjoy. So, I scoured the internet for a reputable piercer in the area, but there's a dearth of reviews on local piercers online. Finally, I found a girl, Ms. Kelly at All About You and figured I'd give her a shot, since I preferred a strange female groping my boobs rather than a dude. I figured if I got a bad vibe walking into the shop or wasn't comfortable with something leading up to the piercing, I'd just walk out, no big deal.

I'd been hinting around at the boyfriend to get his opinion - I was pretty sure he'd dig it, but I'd rather not find out the hard way that he didn't. He told me he liked them but surprisingly, he didn't pick up that I was actually planning on getting them, so it was fun to see the little bit of delight when I mentioned my plans. I told him I'd like to do it this weekend, so we made plans for a little lunch and piercing date.

Before I even opened my eyes this morning, I was thinking about my impending piercing. I read more experiences, and tried to prepare myself mentally for pain. We got ready, I wore a supportive tube top so I could just roll it down and not have to be half naked, and I brought some ibuprofen along to take at lunch just to help ease the swelling and maybe tone down some of the pain. We headed out to have a nice little lunch and when my food arrived, I felt the butterflies kick in because that meant it was getting closer to piercing time. We finished up and walked the short distance to the shop.

As we walked upstairs, we were promptly greeted by Ms. Kelly who asked what she could do for us today. I told her I was there for a piercing and she seemed stoked. When I told her "nipples" she said "excellent!" and we went to do the paperwork and payment thing (for those curious, it was $80 for both). Afterwards, she went back to her station and the boyfriend and I chatted about his plans for a tattoo. Ms. Kelly called me back, washed up, and set up her tray with all fresh, sealed needles and jewelry. She answered all my questions and was totally personable. She told me she was going to pierce them with a 14g curved barbell which was perfect because I'd read mostly that barbells heal better, but I couldn't imagine that straight barbells were really more comfortable and didn't get caught on everything because I mean, like she said "the human body isn't straight". We joked around a little while she marked me up, then my boyfriend and I checked out placement to make sure everything looked good, then it was time to lay back and get clamped and pierced.

I've read experiences that ran the gamut from "I didn't feel anything at all" to "OMG.THE WORST PAIN OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!". I tend to handle pain very well - I think most people really psych themselves up and that makes it hurt way worse. Regardless, I was a little nervous because I mean, Christ, we're talking about punching holes in my nipples and I didn't want to pass out or anything. She put the clamps on, which wasn't a thrill, but certainly very tolerable. Then it was inhale deeply and exhale and the needle is in. To be honest, it hurt, like most piercings do. It's different than the others I've had (eyebrow, tongue, monroe, tragus) in that those seem to be a quick pinch and it's over while this was a little more prolonged but still only like 2 seconds. I had read in one of these experiences that the piercee "could feel the needle going through each layer of flesh" and oddly enough, I'll second that sentiment. It's a weird feeling but it totally wasn't bad at al l. For me, the second was worse just like you read, but again, totally tolerable. Nowhere near excruciating in my opinion.

So after some final questions about aftercare, I pulled my top back up and we left to pick up a few aftercare supplies I didn't have at home. It's 3 hours later as I write this and my boobs are swollen and tender and currently enjoying lounging topless on the couch but I do feel like I could've run errands and engaged in mild activities without too much discomfort and they're really not throbbing or annoyingly painful right now. I've taken some more ibuprofen and intend to just take it easy for the next week or so to help make sure everything heals up nice. As for aftercare suggestions, the instructions I was given were wash 3 times daily with an anti-bacterial soap after you shower and/or only with clean hands (I'm using Provon because I used it for my Monroe and healing was a snap), use a saline spray because she's leery of people mixing up their own salt soaks for sterility concerns, which makes total sense (she went through some nursing school so that earns extra respe ct, and she recommended Wound Wash which I picked up at Walgreens in the First Aid section). I do have some iodine-free Sea Salt though, just in case I feel like I need a soak.

I'll be taking care of these well because I love the way they look and they definitely make me feel sexier. If you're in the Orlando area and looking for a pleasant, clean, all-around enjoyable piercing experience, I absolutely recommend Ms. Kelly at All About You in Downtown Orlando. I'll be back, I'm sure. Oh and, like just about everyone else says, if you want them, totally go get them. 2 seconds of pain is worth it - you'll be grinning ear to ear like I am.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Oct. 2009
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Ms.Kelly
Studio: All+About+You+Custom+Tattoo%2FPiercing
Location: Downtown+Orlando%2C+FL

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