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It's Not As Bad As Everyone Says..

After much contemplation, and consideration of the piercing, I decided I was going to get my nipple pierced, and only one at a time. This happened last Friday, 14th of November. I had the weekend off so I could easily baby the piercing if need be. Reading other people's stories about the piercing, I thought I would need all weekend to recover, plus more. I waited until my mother got home from work and we drove up to Little Johns Tattoo in Greensboro, because I had been there before to get my cartilage pierced, and like the people there. Once we got there, I went to the counter and let the guy know what I wanted done, he asked for my ID, and got me to fill out a paper, etc. The piercer, Tuna, came out and asked me which one I wanted pierced, or if I was getting them both done. I said only one for now, and with a barbell instead of a CBR[since I hear rings like to get caught & I'm sure barbells are easier to take out], and he left to set up his table. Not too much later , he came and got me, and went back into the room. I sat on the chair, my hands were shaking, but he seemed to know what he was doing. He introduced himself, and told me that he had been piercing for five years now, and had worked at Little Johns for about a year. He said his portfolio spoke for itself, so I trusted he knew what he was doing. He asked me to take my top & bra off, he marked my nipple, asked me to look in the mirror, and make sure it looked good to me. I agreed, and he asked me to lie down. Throughout the whole procedure he talked to me, letting me know what he was doing, asking me if I was ok, and that if he hurt me in any way, he did not mean to. He clamped my nipple, which surprised me because most stories I have read said they did not use a clamp, but my nipples are small, so I guess he wanted to be more safe than sorry. He told me to take two deep breaths, and on the second exhale, he was going to pierce me. Therefore, I breathed in, exhaled, br eathed in again, and right when I began to exhale, he stuck the needle through my nipple. At the time I could not feel a thing, I looked down, and saw the needle sitting through my nipple, I giggled at the sight, and he started to stick the jewelry through, so I looked away, just in case I felt the urge to be sick. I have never watched myself get pierced, and I did not want to start there. I have read stories where the person who was getting it done said it took them a while to get up from the pain, but honestly, I felt none. I sat right up, he handed me a paper towel to put in my bra to keep from messing it up, and I went on my way.

It was only on the drive home when the adrenaline started to wear off, and I could start to feel the pain. However, the pain only lasted for a few hours. Later that night a friend called me and asked me how everything went, and I told her I was no longer in any type of pain, which relieved me since I thought I was going to be suffering all weekend long. I slept in my bra that night, and was excited I could sleep on my side[since I do that all the time]. The next day I would get tingly feelings in my nipple, which caused me to giggle a bit, and get odd looks from my mother & a friend who stayed the night.

The next night I decided to sleep without a bra. Bad decision. I knocked it sometime in the middle of the night, and even though it did not hurt when I was sleeping, I woke up and had blood on my top I was wearing. I cleaned it off with the H2Ocean I bought[love that stuff! Works like a charm!], and put a paper towel in my bra just in case. Ever since then I have had no problem with it. I love the piercing. I got it so I could have more confidence in my breasts, and now, I love the two little balls you can see on each side of my nipple. I am much more confident in my breasts now..or one of them at least. Trust me, though, I will be going back there soon enough to get the other one done. I just wanted to make sure this one heals fine first.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Tuna
Studio: Little+Johns+Tattoo
Location: Greensboro%2C+NC

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