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Smaller breasts are better?

To save you from the long story of my past and why I wanted to get my nipples pierced, I'll just tell you that when I was underage nothing could stop me from doing what I wanted to do. This included getting pierced.

Instead of waiting a year to turn eighteen, I decided to take a train into NYC and get them pierced immediately. And that is how my friend Kerri-Lynn and I ended up in the city on a cool summer day.

When we arrived on St. Marks Pl. I was terrified and insisted that we walk around to calm me down. I wasn't scared for the actual piercing procedure; but the fact that a virtual stranger would be touching my (underage) breasts. Now, any sane person would think, "Well if I don't want a stranger doing this-- especially if I'm underage, I should most likely back out," But I didn't and I completely regret not walking away.

When I finally calmed down we walked into the piercing shop I usually frequented (and who had done the majority of my piercing) and was told I needed I.D for this piercing. To me it didn't make sense... you can pierce anyone and everyone, but only selective procedures were to be I.D'd?

Well, again that voice should have gone off... but it didn't.

SO THEN, we walked across the street to the place that I got my navel pierced at when I was thirteen (hmmmmm little voice!?) and inquired about my nipples being pierced. I had (reluctantly) been with some other people when they got pierced there and I knew that this guy would barter very easily. At first I said I only wanted one, and he said if I got them both he would charge me 40. However, feeling in a bartering mood, haggled him down to $20. ($20 for two nipple piercings is NOT a good idea)

Once we agreed on the very low price, I sat down and he seemed to rip off my top. I SHOULD have stopped him there but felt like it was a now or never thing. He didn't even mark my breasts, and as I was talking to my friend, he shoved a needle through my nipple. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt.

Then, he did the other, which hurt a little bit more; and then it was over.

After I paid him, he nearly begged my friend to get her's done. He kept saying; "Smaller is better, pierce nipples." Kind of unnerved, we quickly ran away. We then met up with an old ex of mine who hit into my very sore breasts hard. After that we grabbed a quick dinner and took the train home.

I had no idea what to do for aftercare, and just washed them with dial soap and did sea salt soaks. I loved my nipple piercings at first and loved how they looked. Originally I was concerned that nipple piercings would not look nice on rather large breasts (especially after the smaller is better conversation, yet I felt they fit my large ones nicely. Everyone seemed to like them as well, and I didn't mind showing them off to close friends.

A few months later is when I realized something was most definitely wrong.

After a season of volleyball and a season of softball later they started to migrate so I took them out. I took huge precautions when it came to them and sports. I would cover them with gauze (after cleaning) and would cover them with bandages. I thought that this would keep them safe. Yet, on the last game of softball I realized that they were migrating, but didn't take them out. I played the game and afterwards noticed that the stress of sliding had caused them to bleed.

I immediately took them out after that and hoped that they would be fine.

Then, I ended up developing a chest infection and my doctor concluded it was due to my nipples being pierced very wrong.

Since then they've healed over and my chest infection is gone. Looking at my nipples you would never be able to tell that they were ever pierced. My doctor prescribed a scar cream which is what I completely credit for lack of scarring.

Hopefully soon I'll get them re-pierced (vertically or diagonally), this time by a professional.

To those people who want to go the road I originally did, I strongly urge you to reconsider. When I had them pierced I had no idea what they were doing to my body-- and every now and then my chest infection springs up. I do miss them being pierced, very much, but if I could go back I would do everything very differently. And even though I THOUGHT I was educated when it came to piercings, I clearly lacked common sense. So, not only become educated, but when and if something doesn't feel right, walk away immediately, nothing is worth risking your health over.


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on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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