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Nipple Piercings. My first ever piercing.

I decided I wanted to get my nipples pierced about two years ago when I was 16, so thee weeks ago, after I turned 18 I decided to finally go get it done. I went to Pro Body piercing in Bradford, West Yorkshire, since the piercer, whose name I cannot remember, had been recommended to me by many of my friends. My nipples were my first ever piercings so although I wasn't nervous, I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. I took a friend along with me for some moral support and so I could show them off to someone as soon as they were done!

When I got into the studio on a quiet Friday afternoon there a small group of people who were just leaving and so the guy asked me what I wanted straight away and we went through to the piercing room. He was very polite and helpful and made a little conversation to put me at my ease while I filled in all the paper work. Then we got started.

The whole place was spotlessly clean and all the equipment was new and sterile. First he marked where the piercings would be on my nipples and we both checked they were straight. He then clamped my right nipple first, which for me was not painful in the slightest and sprayed on some cold spray to make sure my nipple was fully erect. He passed the needle through quickly and without any difficulty. I felt a small sharp pain, similar to having an injection or blood test which was easily bearable and then no pain at all. The first barbell he got out seemed to be a little too big and since he had taken it out of the sterile pouch he disposed of it and got out another new one which was fine. I barely felt the jewellery go in at all and neither did I feel any discomfort as he screwed the other ball onto the end of the barbell. He then moved onto my left nipple, which was exactly the same except this time the jewellery fit first time. I was all done in about 10 minutes and I was extr emely please and impressed with the piercer.

My friend paid for the piercing for me for my birthday (lucky me!) so I don't know exactly how much they were but it was between £40 and £50, which he reduced from £60 since I was getting both done.

After the piercings my right nipple ached a little for the first few hours but this soon faded, I also occasionally get a small ache in it now, but it is only very slight and does not last more than a few minutes. As for the left nipple, I have experienced no pain in it whatsoever, not even when I have caught it a few times.

To look after them I have been using regular warm sea salt soaks, an after piercing solution, T.C.P. and an antibacterial ointment. I apply at least two of these twice a day and I like to do sea salt soaks as many days as I can, which I do in a shot glass or egg cup. They have been very easy indeed to look after and I have had no problems with them so far. I use a cotton bud soaked in saline solution or T.C.P. solution most days to clean off any crusty lymph around the edges of the piercing and also to make sure the jewellery is nice and clean.

I have had no problems with clothing so far. I have avoided lacy bras but I have found that I have been comfortable in both very tight bras and without a bra. I also find that demi or quarter cup bras are great for showing them off in the bedroom. At night time, I tend to avoid sleeping on my front as if I'm not wearing a bra sometimes when I move it can pull on the piercing a little. They are very discreet for me, and are only visible if I am not wearing a bra and am wearing a tight top that is all one colour, which is very rare!

If you are considering getting your nipples pierced I would definitely recommend you to go for it. I have been really pleased with mine. I love the way they look and feel and I can't wait until they are healed so I can change the jewellery perhaps to cone ended barbells. Some women say that they increase the sensitivity of the nipple and can help them with arousal but they have made little difference for me, but since I was not expecting this I am not disappointed at all.

Being successful with my nipple piercings has definitely spurred me on to getting other piercings which I want done and hopefully I will be back at Pro Body soon to get my VCH done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Studio: Pro+Body
Location: Bradford

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