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My Addiction Climax

Though I have 15 piercings and a tattoo there are two in particular that stand out as the epitome of my modification, my nipples. They are what brought me from the relatively tame shy girl I had always been forced into portraying myself as to the confidant less inhibited me that had always rested beneath my skin just waiting to be released(pun intended).

My modification started my 18 birthday(excuse the cliché') with a tattoo of an infinity, though this was in fact satisfying it left me in a kind of disappointment and longing for release. Then a few days later came my daiths showing the, aforementioned "release" I was in fact longing for. This progressed into a steady relationship with my piercer who had opened my eyes to what I can only describe as complete ecstasy. Then one night going in for four additional piercings in my navel they were short a curved bar, and I was there with two friends.

Having been there set on a piercing the disappointment clearly read on my face, I'm sure with quite a vendetta. My piercer's assistant said, "well why don't you just get you nipples pierced, I'm sure that will make you flinch since nothing else has yet." My nerves that preserved that repressed me were pulsing and firing at random, filling me with doubt and uncertainty. My first screaming thought was...uh lets just go with no, and not the other choice phrases that preceded.

The final push, however, came from no other than my companions. Both of which promised to have theirs done right along with me. The thought of my friend, being as afraid of needles as she was, getting a piercing of any kind, especially nipples, astounded and shocked me into blindly agreeing. Though I must admit I had looked into getting nipple piercings before, it was more of a fantasy than actual consideration, how could such a descriptively meek female as myself actually go through with such an extremely out of character action? Simple IMPOSSIBLE! I suppose then nothing can be definitively categorized as impossible.

Now the moment of climax I know you have been waiting for, the actual piercing. My lucky number being three I decided to go last and my oh-so pushy companions agreed. First went Bri, this being her second set of nipple piercings (the first had to be removed)I expected confidence...or not. She clenched her eyes shut gripped for dear life to the chair and tears streamed and grunts escaped her throat as the first needle glided through with a hypnotizing glisten. She almost wouldn't let piercer do the second one, but eventually gave in. Second up, Ash, she was more conscious of her body then the piercing, up until she lied down on the bench. Then she began to shake like a leaf on a windy day in fall, or a timid dog around strangers. You could feel the vibration circulating her body as she gripped my hand one last time before the count of three came, and that condescending "exhale". Her eyes too looked as though you couldn't pry them open if life itself depended on it. She barely
endured the second one, but braved it through in the end.

I however would not have the protection of my eyes being shut. You see I have this nasty little habit of watching every modification with passion, complete intrigue, and fascination unrivaled by anything I have yet to experience.

Off came the top, then the thin lace bra followed to the floor. Shy as ever my eyes were straight forward as the marks were made ensuring the uniformity of the two piercings. As I, the third girl to lie back on that bench, lay back I felt the warmth hit my back...the last remaining panic of my girls. Then came that violating clamp(not as bad as it seems) one pull up release and then the placed grip...purple dots centered in a tear drop shape...ready to be different. When offered the chance to close my eyes I declined as sure as I ever sounded in my life. The count to three and the "exhale". That warm sensation spreading over the entire region of my chest (much bigger area than any piercing before) and this electric shock wave spreading through my entire body. The needle slid flawlessly through lacing in my bar. Then the other side but not before the assistant let it be know to the room I had had a grin on my face the entire piercing. After the repeat of such an amazing experi ence I stood up with a new kind of sureness.

That was it I was changed, I was addicted to that feeling. That euphoric release. It is a uniquely self contained experience, different for ever one... for me it's a urning that haunts me between each pierce, for others adrenaline release following the fear of piercing...for you maybe even different from that. Now in my moments of fear or weakness I graze my chest and have such sensitivity it brings me back to that moment of total clarity and complete confidence! So don't be afraid...go ahead TRY IT, if you want it, it's worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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