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Finally something other than my ears.... and so amazing!

I'd been wanting to get my nipples pierced for almost two years before I finally got up the courage to actually go through with it. I have my lobes pierced a total of five times and my cartilage done but had never gotten any other piercings done. I'd also had all of those done with a gun(unfortunately before I knew how unfavorable they are) so this would be my first time getting anything done in a real piercing shop. I had just gotten a larger paycheck than normal, and had been talking about getting something pierced with a friend of mine, who said she'd go with me for moral support. The more I thought about it the more excited I got and called a couple piercers in town whom friends had recommended to ask about pricing, and decided on Pandora's Piercing because the piercer is female and is also medically trained.

I called to try to set up an appointment and Jen said I'd be fine just to do a walk-in, so I asked my friend to go with me later that evening. Unfortunately my friend's bike tire was flat so we had to find a ride and the only person who was free was a guy friend of mine. He brought us to the shop and of course asked who was getting pierced. I've known him for a while but I still blushed when I told him. He was surprised and just said, "Wow! Haha, that made my day. Damn."

My friend and I entered to the shop and I told the guy who worked in the front what I wanted. He went through aftercare instructions with me and had me fill out a form. He asked if I wanted rings or barbells and I asked to have rings, so he showed me what jewelry I could choose from. I was so excited at the huge variety of CBRs I could choose from, I had been expecting a plain silver ring. I decided on some really cute light pinkish purple 14g rings with gems on the ball. Jen was doing another piercing and so we looked at the shop's immense jewelry collection while we waited.

Jen came out and introduced herself and brought us into the room, and closed the doors and blinds on the window. She gave my friend a chair and told me to sit on the piercing chair. She got out all of the tools and told me what they were all for, and put a numbing gel on the needles. Jen was very knowledgeable and humorous and made me feel very comfortable. She asked me to take off my shirt and stand up straight while she marked my nipples for placement.

Afterwards she had me sit down and she put the clamp on my right nipple. She told me I'd feel a poke and then a sharp pinch and then a warm tingle when the numbing gel started working. I didn't want to watch it go through so I looked straight ahead and she told me to take a deep breath and let it out sharply and she'd pushed the needle through. It did hurt but not nearly as much as I thought it would, and only for a few seconds. The worst part was the "pop-pop" I could feel as the needle entered and exited. She put in the ring and asked if I was doing okay and I said I was good. It was bleeding a little so she stuck a couple little pieces of paper towel on to keep it from getting messy.

She repeated the whole thing with the second one and then had me look in the mirror. They looked awesome! Because they were bleeding just a little she had me put my bra around my waist and then put folded paper towel triangles over the piercings so I wouldn't stain my bra. We went back outside and paid for it and she gave me a punch card with one hole in it, and told me if you get 5 piercings there you get a free one! We thanked her and left.

My nipples were a little sore after a couple hours and felt similar to when you wear a rough t-shirt all day with no bra and it kind of rubs you raw. I did a sea salt soak before bed and cleaned them with Dial antibacterial soap in the shower.

I've had them for about three weeks now and they're doing great! They still get a bit crusty but are barely sore to the touch anymore, and are very sensitive. I can comfortably go bra-less when I sleep now. I'm very aware of being cold but I don't mind because it just reminds me of my awesome new piercings!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Jen
Studio: Pandora%27s+Piercing
Location: Grand+Junction%2C+CO

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