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Discount piercings are never a good thing!

I was 18 when I first considered getting my nipples pierced. I had several ear mods, my belly button, my tongue and my nose (briefly) pierced but I liked the idea of getting my nipples pierced because it was a more private piercing to add to my collection.

The day I got them pierced, my friend was getting his half sleeve and called me to come by while he was in the chair. I had no intention of getting anything done that day, especially since that wasn't the studio I normally go to, but I went anyway to see my friend's new ink.

While I was sitting and watching my friend get inked, I casually commented about my desire for my new piercing. Immediately my friend was all about it, telling me I should get them pierced right then and there. The tattoo artist, who apparently pierced as well, said he was more than willing to pierce my nipples and would even give me a discount since my friend had been tattooed by him on a regular basis.

When it was my turn, he took me in the back and closed the curtain. He told me that he would do the piercing freehanded. I now know that I should have asked him more questions about the piercing, but I was young and happy about getting a good discount. He drew marks on either side of my nipples and without having me look in a mirror and tell him I was satisfied, he told me to take a deep breath. He pushed the needle through freehanded and it was excruciating pain. I had to grip the sides of the chair to keep from moving. He proceeded to pierce the other nipple and it was the same horrible shooting pain. At this point I don't recall whether or not he put anything on the piercings afterward but I paid for my discounted BCR's and was on my way. At no point during my whole experience was I told how to care for my new nipple piercings.

The next week was hell. Since I didn't know the best way to clean them, I improvised doing what I had done when I had my belly button pierced (antibacterial soap and salt water rinses every once in awhile). The pain was so intense that it was starting to travel through my armpits. As much as I wanted to keep the piercings, my body was telling me to take them out. It took me forever to get the captive rings out and taking the rings out hurt pretty bad too. After a couple days the pain was down to an ache and they were scabbed over.

I waited 2 and ½ more years before I decided on repiercing them. I went back and forth because of the horrible experience I had previously. I talked to my best friend who has hers pierced with no problems and she talked me into trying again.

I decided to get them pierced at the studio that had done my tattoo and nose piercing (I should have gone there in the first place). I walked in and told Michelle, who was piercing that day, that I wanted to get my nipples pierced. I filled out the paperwork and decided on my jewelry (barbells this time). My friend, Michelle and I went into the piercing room and shut the door. She told me to take off my shirt and bra so she could see the size of my nipples and decide which size barbells would be best. In the meantime, I told her that I had them pierced previously and they had not healed well and I had taken them out. She examined my nipples closely and after seeing the scars from my old piercings, Michelle told me that the previous piercer had pierced my areolas. I told her how much they had hurt and what an ordeal it had been. She explained that the problem was not anything I had done (which had been my fear) but that my previous piercer had placed them incorrectly a nd didn't understand nipple anatomy very well. Once she assured me that she would place them correctly and take good care of me, we got down to business. Michelle marked the sides of my nipples and held up a mirror for my approval. Then she had me lie back so she could put on the clamp. She asked if I was ready, which I was, and had me take a deep breath. On the exhale, she pushed the needle through. All my anxiety was for nothing, the piercing went very smoothly. Of course there was pain and a slight burning sensation but nothing compared to what I had felt from my areolas being pierced. She cleaned the nipple and went on to clamp the next one. Again, the piercing went very smooth. Once my newly pierced nips were cleaned, she had me sit up and look in the mirror. I was so happy with the results and the experience was a complete 180 from the previous one. Everything was clean and sterile and my piercer was compassionate about my nipple anxiety. Michelle gave me the rundown on how to clean them and strongly suggested buying H2Ocean to clean them with. She told me to wear a sports bra during the healing process to keep them from rubbing and moving too much. I was extremely grateful that Michelle addressed all the problems I had experienced before and told me what to do right this time.

The H2Ocean is the best thing I have ever used on a piercing, hands down. Within several days the pain was completely gone and only when my boobs were jostled did I even remember they were pierced. The entire healing process went very well and my nipples are currently happy and prettily adorned! I would recommend nipple piercings but please do your research on piercers, ask questions and make sure you don't end up with areola piercings if that isn't what you asked for!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Nov. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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