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My nipple piercing expirience

I'm a 17 year old male that recently got my nipple pierced just over a year ago now and this is my piercing experience. I started out liking piercing around the age of 13 that's when I got my ear pierced. I thought it was cool and liked the piercing but soon wanted more, so I soon later got my other ear pierced. After that I kept getting more and more piercing and stretching them as well.

After I got all the other piercing I didn't really think I could bare the pain of getting a nipple pierced. A few weeks later a few of my friends went and got there nipples pierced they complained about the pain for several days which made me sceptical of getting it done but it looked amazing. So I researched it more and heard about more peoples experiences of getting it done and hearing how much they love it now that it is healed. I was also unsure of getting it pierced because I have a friend that got it done and he didn't clean it properly and it got infected and apparently hurt a lot and turned green with 2 big bumps on the side of each nipple. So I asked about it and they said it wasn't common for that to happen it was the result of not cleaning it and they assured me if I clean it properly which they will teach me to do I wont have any problems with it.

A few weeks went by and I still was unsure and nervous about the pain but one night a few friends were over and we had nothing to do and so we started looking at piercing on the internet discussing what we all wanted to get done. I then mentioned I had wanted my nipple pierced for several weeks now but was unsure of getting it. But my friends ended up convincing me to do it so we all picked a piercing we wanted to get done and got in the car and went to a local piercing shop.

We went inside and I sat and watched my friends get pierced just waiting nervously for it to be my turn to get pierced. The piercing artist said it will just take a few minutes to set up. He then called me back and told me to take my shirt of so he could disinfect the area. The then took a marker and put dots on each side of my nipple and asked me if that's were I wanted it. I looked in the mirror and it looked great. He then got out the clamp and clamped the needle and that was a bit uncomfortable. He got the needle and put it by the nipple and told me to take a deep breath and then let it out and just as I let the breath out the slipped the needle threw. A groan of pain came just as the needle was going out of my nipple. He removed the camp and got the jewellery ready to put it in. He slipped the hoop threw which didn't hurt much but was very uncomfortable. He snapped the ball on cleaned it one more time and told me it was done.

I was then handed a cleaning instruction book which showed me how to properly clean the piercing and what to use to clean it to prevent infection. I used dial antibacterial soap and had to clean it in the shower every day. It got little pieces of crust on the out side of the jewellery right by the nipple but that went away in a day or two with the antibacterial soap. It hurt for about 3 days afterwards and then it finally stopped hurting and looked great. It took about 4-5 months to completely heal and I have had it for just over a year and love it I have nothing bad to say about the experience it all went good and I love it now and have no intentions of taking it out. And it didn't end of getting infected which was good because that's another reason I was unsure of getting it done but it healed great. If your are sceptical about getting it done I would have to say go for it, it's worth the pain.

I am currently going to get my other nipple pierced next week and hope it goes as well as it did last time. I am also getting the other nipple pierced because I think it looks better having both of them done than just the one. I am also thinking about stretching the nipple piercings up to a higher gauge. After seeing a few friends do it and heard there experience with stretching it is making me want to give it a try.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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