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My first piercing, and my nipples look gorgeous.

I have always found that society's ideals of what a woman should look like in order to achieve femininity are contrived, ludicrous, and often born from misogyny. It could have been growing up In a liberal and feminist church community that helped me reject a lot of the daily pressures to shave, wear makeup, lose weight, sleep with men I don't know and accept that men only connect to women on a physical level (a horrible message for both men and women). It could have been all the strikingly beautiful women I've met along the way who refuse to adhere to so many expectations of femininity and were all the more confident and gorgeous for it. It could have been an exceptional avoidance of television and advertisements and magazines. But it was probably a mix of all of these influences and a natural stubborn and hot headed attitude that leads me today to fervently reject beauty standards for women.

By this point you may be wondering why I brought this up, and it's because despite my repulsion for gender ideals, I've never liked my breasts. They seem flat to me, odd and squishy, and the wrong shape. I've always found that my nipples look too big. My dislike for my breasts seems out character to me, my friends, and lovers, and I don't know why I haven't been able to let go of it for so long.

I've always admired women's breasts with pierced nipples though. I can't remember the first time I saw them (I was probably quite young) but I was probably always fascinated and in an awe of pierced nipples. Well, I've sorta always been that way about all sorts of piercings, but nipples especially. I feel like I had to wait centuries to get my nipples pierced – the wait to turn 18 took forever on its own, and every day since my birthday I spent a long time thinking about the piercings and dying to be able to get into town and finally get my nipples done. However, whenever I'd end up in Bordeaux I wouldn't have enough cash and my credit card was at home, or I would have forgotten my passport, or I'd be with a group of people who weren't interested in accompanying me.

And then this Friday, I found myself with nothing to do till 2:30 in the afternoon, plus I was up by 8:00 in the morning anyway. I was determined from the moment I walked out of the house what I was going to do. I hopped on the bus and then the tram, all the while listening to Sufjan Stevens, music especially wonderful for traveling. When I stepped out onto la rue de St. Catherine, a beautiful city morning was beginning here in Bordeaux, soft and quiet but also busy. Finally by myself and with ID and enough money, I headed off to do what I've longed for for so long. The women in the store were so friendly and answered all my questions, so I paid and chose the bioplast jewelry over the stainless steel, cause my skin is super sensitive and I'll change to gold barbells in a couple weeks anyway. A woman led me into a room at the back of the store, explaining everything she was about to do and clearly displaying how everything was single use and sanitary. We had to redo the placem ent multiple times cause I was seriously picky about it, but finally it looked good so we headed off. I lay down and she put the clamp on and told me gently to breathe, the needle went through which hurt but OH FUCK IT HURT LIKE A BITCH when the jewelry went in, and I swore in english because french swears don't register on the same level with me. I needed a moment before the next one, which hurt as well, but it was quickly over and I looked in the mirror and saw my beautiful nipples.

They're so pretty.

I'm so pleased. God I've wanted this done forever. The placement is perfect, I'm glad the jewelry is angled slightly down to my belly button because it just works better with the lines of my body. Mm I'm so happy!

I'm somewhat concerned though about where the jewelry goes through the nipple at the base. When the jewelry was in they were clearly under the blue dots – on both sides on both nipples, so it's not as if the piercer started at one of the dots and then missed the other on the opposite side. I wish I could take a picture but my cameras battery is dead and I can't find the charger, but for a reference my piercings look more like the one in the first picture linked, instead of the one in the second one.



It would be highly appreciated if somebody could contact me to tell me that no, I'm not going to die of mastitis just because they're slightly lower at the base of the erect part of my nipple. Aesthetically they're still pleasing, I mean, when I look in the mirror I don't know what to do with myself! I feel so much better about my boobs than I did even a couple days ago, like, I'm blown away whenever I look at my chest. I'm simply concerned about the placement and if it's okay, and also if it's normal that the swelling is taking up all the space on the straight barbell that is specifically extra long so as to accommodate swelling (the woman told me to come back in 10-12 days when she'll change the jewelry to shorter barbells). These sound like silly questions but despite my lengthy research, now that these piercings are real I feel like I might mess them up. These are my first piercings and while I'm super excited about them, I'm also inexperienced and terrified I'm doing som ething wrong. Every day I do two or three warm salt water soaks with a 9% sterile isotonic saline solution, and I thoroughly rinse the piercings afterward. I'd love some feedback on what I'm doing right or wrong with the aftercare, any advice, and I desperately want to be reassured that the placement is fine and it's only a question of aesthetics.

Besides feeling worried about the aftercare, I'd go so far to say I'm exuberant about my nipple piercings. As the four little steel balls sparkle in the mirror I'm amazed at what they do to elevate how I feel about by breasts. I've been walking around the last couple days carrying around the sense of feeling damn hot, and, mmm! I love them so much! I can't wait to get more piercings in the future. Getting enough money together is surely a problem, but I've always envisioned myself with many piercings and getting my nipples pierced feels like another step in realizing my outer image to fit more with who I am.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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