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being satisfied with myself

I've a few piercings in the past, but I've never had one professionally done, unless you count my first ears holes done at Claire's when I was 10... and that really doesn't count. I tend to feel more comfortable stabbing myself than trusting my skin to a total stranger. I did my own second holes in my ears, a couple helixes, my bellybutton, my tongue web, and most recently, my nose [experience coming]. Someday, I'd like to pierce people as a profession, and I feel like I shouldn't do something to someone that I haven't done to myself.

But one thing that I couldn't bring myself to do, and nearly couldn't have someone else do, was my nipples. I'd been wanting them for a few months, and had been imagining myself with them for just as long.

The only problem with this, is the same problem that any teenage girl would generally have: a self- esteem problem. Showing my body in front of people is a terrifying thought to my fragile mind. Okay, that's an exaggeration. It's not exactly terrifying, and my mind isn't exactly fragile, but you get the point.

There are quite a few piercers in my town, but only two shops are what you'd call trustworthy, and only one shop is APP certified. It's one of the only two shops in Colorado that is. This shop, however, has only male piercers, but they have always been very professional when I've gone there with my finance, and when I've gone to buy gauges. The other shop has a female piercer, but, not to be rude or anything, she's really kind of a hard core bitch, and I wanted someone a little more understanding for such a sensitive piercing, even if it was a guy.

I decided that the best day to do this would be on my eighteenth birthday. Who doesn't want to get stabbed with a needle on the very day that they are legally allowed? I called about a week ahead to get the prices, and found myself unable to say the word nipple. I finally choked it out, and the guy on the phone laughed for a moment and told me that it would be $40 for one, $75 for both, and $90 for bars. I've been dead set on bars from the beginning, and also on diagonal. I asked him about breast-feeding in the future (who knows, maybe I will want children someday...hahahahaha) and what I should bring.

I left school early on my birthday and ditched about half of my finals for the day. Who takes finals on their birthday anyways? Most defiantly not me. I picked up my twin and then my boy and we went to the studio.

We got there at 11:30, and they didn't open until 12, so we went down the street to the coffee shop so that I could eat. While I was there, I got a free cupcake for my birthday :). We sat outside so that I could chain-smoke to my hearts content. I was nervous. Like, crazy nervous. And my twinie was nearly as nervous as I was.

I finally couldn't take it anymore, and I made my boy eat faster, and we walked back to Apex. I stood outside for one last smoke, and the whole group of piercers came out to take their morning smoke as well. I sat and listened to them complain about the kids putting stickers and posters on the door, and then about politics for about 5 minutes before I stood up to walk through the door.

Aman stood up and asked if he could help me. I said I wanted my nipples pierced (I'd been practicing saying it, and wasn't nearly as awkward...) and he led me up the stairs and in the door. I handed him my id and filled out the paperwork. He then led me into the back room, shut all the blinds, and shut the door. He let both the boy and the twin come into the room with me. Thank god for that. lol.

He washed his hands and put on gloves and started taking this out of packages, changing his gloves regularly. I took off my shirt and bra and laid them at the end of the table, and he cleaned the area and then measured me, commenting that I had lovely girly-sized nipples. It made me laugh. He gave his schpeel about how to take care of them, and gave me some tips. He told me to pick who's hand I was holding. I chose the boy.

My boy came and sat next to me while Aman worked to get my nipples hard. Then I stood up and he marked them, commenting that this had been nipple week, but he was glad that mine were not just straight. It had in fact been quite awhile since he'd done diagonal ones. That made me feel better because I like to give people something new and different. Piercers get bored too.

I looked in the mirror to see if they were straight. Then the boy took his turn looking, and then the twin. Then he looked again after we decided that they were perfect, and agreed. I sat back down and he lined up the clamp on the left one. They clamp of one of the most uncomfortable sensations up until that point in my life. Then he lined up the needle, told me to take a deep breath in, then out, and pushed it through. I managed not to make any noise, but the twin was "kind" enough to get a wonderful picture of my face...

It was burning, stinging sensation like I'd never imagined. It really wasn't something that I wanted to do again, but Aman told me he wouldn't let me go with just one, so I tried to prepare myself for the next one. As I was doing that, he slid the jewelry in, again subjecting me to that burn.

At this point, I realized that I was going to pass out. He looked at me and grabbed me a bottle of water and told me it was fine if I needed a break. I laid back while he put some cold saline on it and drank my water. He told me to take my time, but I knew I just needed to go and do the next one, so I sat back up and told him to just go.

He repeated the procedure a second time on the right one. This one was a little more difficult because I apparently had an "innie". He laughed and said that I wouldn't have that problem for long- I would have permanent THO.

The act of piercing wasn't so bad the second time, since I knew exactly what to expect, feeling wise. When he was done, I laid back down for a minute and he again applied the cold saline. He stretched my skin over the jewelry, and I got up and got dressed. I went out, paid, tipped, and walk out.

Overall, I loved it. The pain wasn't quite as bad as I had expected or heard that it was.

And healing was/ is the most amazing this ever. They stung on the way home, and hurt every time we hit a bump. (The shocks in my car are terrible...) And were pretty sore the rest of the day. I woke up the next morning expecting pretty bad pain, and totally forgot they were there. I looked, and they had bleed a bit, but were otherwise perfect. I took a shower and cleaned them, and went on with my day. No pain. Really.

I clean them everyday and notice some slight swelling a bruising, but nothing major. But no pain. I could even move the jewelry the next day.

I'm amazing at how well they're doing. I'm more amazed by how much they've improved the way I look at them. They look like they were meant to be there, and they were just what was missing. They beautiful, and it makes me giggle to this that my boobs are worth $45 each.

Even twin, who's desperately afraid of pain, wants to get hers done. I hope she does so that I can get wonderful pictures of her face. :P

I hope that they'll be with me forever, and that they continue to be as perfect as they are. I'm so proud of myself for actually going through with it, and am so glad that I decided on this wonderful, secret and naughty piercing.

Have fun. :D


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Aman
Studio: Apex
Location: grand+junction%2C+co

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