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An overall depressing experience

I usually think about and covet a piercing for several months before I decide to actually get it. Nothing was different about my nipple piercing: I wanted it for at least four months before I finally decided to make the plunge. I decided that I only wanted one done, and that I wanted it to be my left nipple. I'd never liked my left breast as much, and figured that a piercing would bring it some equality.

Going into the piercing, I was pretty worried. I'd read a lot of scary stories here about nipple piercings gone wrong and nipple piercings getting infected. I wanted to be sure that everything was done properly for my nipple.

I decided to go to the Black Hole in Reno because I'd heard good things about it. However, I was less than impressed with the service. Any questions I asked about sterilization were met with short, snappy answers--as though I were being paranoid and overly suspicious. I felt almost apologetic for taking an interest in my own health and safety. I felt a little discouraged. The overall feeling in the room was "I'm the piercer, I know what I'm doing, don't ask questions."

I'd wanted my nipples done for so long that I decided to go through with it anyway. I warned the piercer that I had very shallow nipples that were perfectly flush to my skin when not erect. I was a little worried that my nipples might not be suited to piercing at all. The piercer eyed my (erect) nipples and told me that I'd be fine. I told her that a lot of my erect nipple was composed of my areola. She said again that I would be fine. When she made the marks, she placed them exactly at the first small wrinkles in my nipple, saying that she was supposed to pierce there and that anything else would migrate out. At this point, I figured that she knew what she was doing and I was going to stop arguing. She'd heard what I had to say, and she must have taken it into account.

The actual piercing was not bad. It seemed like I'd barely caught my breath and looked away when it was done and over with. I've heard that nipples are supposed to be extremely painful, but my nipple piercing actually felt pretty good. Immediately afterward, my nipple was 1000x more sensitive than it had ever been before. I didn't bleed at all. Wearing a bra home was stimulating, to say the least!

I loved everything about my nipple piercing. I loved having a naughty secret that none of my straight-laced friends would ever know about. I loved going braless so that the tiny CBR would peek out ever so slightly. My boyfriend and I both loved the way it looked.

There was only one downside: continual, excruciating pain. At first I thought it was normal. Then, after the first week, my nipple finally went down and I could see that the piercing was actually through my areola. I'm not talking a by a millimeter or two. It was pretty bad. After my nipple went down, I also started to feel a kind of wet pain down my left arm. You know how it feels after you've been hit in the neck? When you could swear your skin was wet? Yeah, it felt exactly like that. I was getting increasingly worried.

I called the shop and the woman I spoke to seemed incredulous. She insisted that the piercing had been done correctly (without even seeing it!). She basically implied that I was being overly dramatic. She said that all nipple piercings hurt for a while, even if they didn't initially. She said that if I really felt I needed to, I could come in and a piercer would look at the piercing. From there, the piercer would decide whether or not it was placed incorrectly. She wasn't sure if repiercing would be free.

I could not believe that the woman I spoke to was so insensitive--and that she wouldn't offer me a free repiercing. I was sick of dealing with excruciating pain and sick of dealing with the Black Hole. I went to see my friend, who'd had both nipples pierced. We both looked at the piercing again. Surprise surprise! It was still halfway through my areola.

I did not want to go to Black Hole to be treated like crap again, so I had my friend help me remove the captive bead. Removing the piercing was incredibly more painful than getting pierced. I could feel every millimeter of the ring snagging on my skin. As soon as it was out, the shooting pain down my arm stopped. The piercing site continued to hurt for the next few days, and I kept ice on it. I also continued sea salt soaks until the hole was completely closed.

For the next month, my entire breast felt a little tender and abused. Luckily, my nipple felt AWESOME for the next six months, so I was able to ignore the lingering pain.

I don't think that I will be getting my nipple redone anytime soon. I'm no longer at a good place in my life to deal with that long of a healing time or that finnicky of a piercing. I also don't really know where I could go in Reno now!

It seems that everyone has wildly varying experiences with nipple piercings, so I wouldn't exactly advise anyone against it--but I will say that it is painful-to-heal piercing and there is a lot that can go wrong with it.


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on: 30 Oct. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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