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Nipple piercing by my own hand

I feel I ought to point out before I go into the details of this experience that I cannot and do not encourage the practice of self-piercing. What has worked for me may well not work for others and professional piercers can advise and carry out procedures that we can't do ourselves. I opted for the method of self-piercing almost as an extension to the extensive play piercing I had already done, with both 22g and thicker 16g needles, on my nipples. The process of piercing myself was one that I found immensely enjoyable and sensual, and to take the next step to doing permanent body piercing on myself was not a large one.

I had wanted nipple piercings for about as long as I can remember; since I first realised that it was possible probably. They had become in the meantime, one of my favourite erogenous zones which led to the play piercing. I had also read that in some cases people who get nipple piercings can lose sensitivity, while conversely others gained sensitivity and most remained the same. I did not want to go through with it for real only to de-sensitise one of my favourite spots. The play piercing was therefore also a way of testing the water so to speak. To my delight play piercing made them more sensitive.  

So I had settled on it that I was going to pierce my nipples, and I decided that 10g would be the best size to start with, seeing as I had always intended to stretch the piercings after healing. For placement I decided on diagonal because both horizontal and vertical placements seemed inorganic, in terms of body shape, to me. So in line with my plan I ordered two 10g piercing needles and two 10g barbells of an appropriate length (including extra length to accommodate initial swelling). I used a marker with a fine tip to finalise placements, which I did maybe ten times before getting it right. But I was not in any rush.  

After I was settled on placements it was just a matter of psyching myself up to doing it. Piercing yourself is very different from going to a professional. At a studio, you're encouraged to remove yourself from the experience either by use of topical anesthetics or more commonly, breathing exercise; or both. The piercing is something that is done to you, rather than something that you actively take part in. Standing with a 10g needle (which looks really big up close and personal) ready to pierce yourself is an electrifying moment. I had the dots to mark entrance and exit for the needle; I was doing it freehand because I knew that I was better without clamps from the play piercing I had done. I decided to do the right one first. I pushed the needle tip against the surface and felt a sharp tingle. I lined it up along the line between my dots and pushed. The feeling was like what I'd experienced with play piercing, amplified by the size of the needle. Progress through the nippl

e was slow, but I knew that once in I was going all the way; plus I was enjoying the sensation. I know from reading other experiences, that some people have found this piercing to be very painful, but I was loving it. After some more pushing, the needle was all the way through. I stood for a while and admired my handy work in the mirror.

After a few minutes I decided I put the barbell in, which wasn't easy. I wasn't expecting it to be easy as it is so often referred to as the trickiest part of the piercing process as well as the most painful. I got the flat end of the needle flush with my nipple and then lined the barbell up to it and gently pushed it through. The last bit was the hardest but with a little push it was through. There was a little bit of blood, but nothing to write home about; less than from my play piercing and other blood play I'd done. With the barbell in and screwed in place, I was able to enjoy the appearance of my pierced nipple for the first time. I was delighted with my work, all the more so having done it myself. The left nipple was next and it hurt a bit more than the first, which I hear is fairly common. The whole process was quicker the second time though, and after I'd been through it I spent a while admiring my new piercings. I loved the way they looked and was happy with the pla


For the first few weeks, they were incredibly sensitive and sore if bumped or caught on something; but I was expecting nothing less. I soaked them in salt water solution twice every day, when I woke up and before I went to bed. After a week or so, the dried blood was replaced by the standard 'crusties' which in turn diminished over time. After about six months, they were healed completely and were an integrated element in my overall body image. It was like they'd always been there. The initial hypersensitivity had worn off and to my delight they were more sensitive than before when things returned to normal.  

Since then I've stretched them both first to 8g (3.2mm) and now to 4mm. With each stretch, I feel I'm getting closer to the way I want them to eventually look. The most recent step to 4mm (made with a taper) has now completely healed, so I'm preparing for the next stretch up to 5mm. In terms of final sizes, I don't know when I will have made them large enough. My aim is to reach a stage where I can wear heavier circular barbell jewellery in them and for it to hang down and maybe increase the size of my whole nipple rather than just the hole. To that end I am also considering putting rings behind the barbell, adding another every time it becomes accustomed. But this is all future plans. I'm happy to note that as the stretching process has gone on, sensitivity has been maintained and slightly increased. I'm looking forward to the time when I can wear my pair of 8mm circular barbells in them.  

If you have any questions, I am available to contact on IAM. Thank you for reading.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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