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Nipple Rings Here I Come

So about 6 months ago I got bite by the piercing bug again, but since my latest addition was less than 4 months old and a cartilage piercing I decided to wait because at the time I assumed I would just add to my ear. While I waited I looked at so many pictures to decide what my next addition will be. As I work in the corporate world and can't get the lip ring I have wanted for so many years now, I looked at all the ear piercing spots available and nothing just jumped out at me that I had to have that.

Then the idea hit me, get something they can't see. I was going to go for the VCH but decided I couldn't deal with the healing time. I've had my belly button done that's no fun, the I got the bright idea why I don't I get my nipples pierced. That was about 2 weeks ago. I read all the stories on BME that I could, looked at all the pictures available on BME and made the decision official my nipples were getting jewelry. Now I just had to wait for my boyfriend to get the cash, lucky me he got his stimulus check the week after I had made the decision for him that he was paying for this.

So the day came he had the cash and I had done tons of research on which shop to go to. After 2 weeks of building myself up for it I was just ready to get it over with and wasn't nervous at all. We got there and after I told her what I wanted and did all the legal paperwork and what nots the butterflies kicked in but thankfully they only stuck around for a few minutes. This whole adrenaline rush thing that people talk about yeah I've never gotten one with any of my piercings so I knew it wasn't happening with this one either.

We went back into the little room and Stacy (the piercer) said you can life your shirt up of take it off its up to me. I decided the placement might be off I just life my shirt up so off it came which my boyfriend liked a bit. She made me feel completely comfortable like I wasn't sitting there half naked with a stranger diddling my nipples. I would highly recommend that you go to her because she has wonderful bedside manner and obviously knows what she is doing when it comes to piercing. Side not - I called the next day to let her know how things were going and she was completely great over the phone as well. It's seems as though she really cares what happens to the people she pierces.

She did the marking my boyfriend checked yup they looked good. Then the clamps, a lot of stories say they hurt so bad yeah well I didn't even feel them go on. At this point I closed my eyes. On the first deep breath in she lined up the cork, on the second the needle which you can feel the point barely pressing against your skin not quit penetrating yet and on the third shove. The pain was there obviously with getting a needle shoved through your body but it wasn't mind numbing out of this world pain which is what I was expecting. She put the jewelry in which I didn't even feel the ball screwed on and it was on to number two. Same process as with the first one three deep breaths and shove. Now yes this one hurt a little bit more but not by much, and again no feeling no pain with the jewelry just the awkwardness of the ball getting screwed on.

Being the bright one I am I picked up my tit to check it out and blood covered my hand immediately. They bleed for a little while but nothing uncommon. They were sore and pressure helped relieve the pain so I walked around wal-mart to get more supplies holding my nipples. Got strange looks yes but screw them. Stacy told me to use little gauze pads to keep them covered during the day so they don't get bothered to much and so not to transfer any buggies from my bra into my healing holes. What a smart woman she is. These little gauze taped to my boobs have helped not only with the cleanliness but also seems to make them not hurt as much because they don't get moved around and irritated by my bra in my day to day activities.

The second and third day there was dried blood and bruising, but only on the second nipple which was the one that hurt more. It's like I have had these in for years they don't much bother me today I even forget they are there. Until I remember and just want to run around with my shirt off to show everyone my newest addition, but I resist.

If you're worried about the pain then piercing isn't for you because obviously if you shove a needle through any part of your body it is going to hurt. Just do it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Stacy+Badger
Studio: Nikki%27s+Tattoo+Studio
Location: Charlotte%2C+nc

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