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DIY Nipple Piercing

I've always been into body modification since I was like thirteen. All of my piercings were self-done with much research before hand. I took most of them out as I got older and now all that remained was my septum, a few various on my ears, and my tongue web. I decided to get my left nipple pierced because I liked the idea that the piercing was very personal.

Before getting my nipple pierced, I would say that the most painful piercing I got was my tragus. None of my facial piercings had been that painful so I was a little worried about how my nipple would turn out.

I went to the store and I bought a 16 gauge needle and a circular barbell (18G). I came home and I sterilized all of my materials. I did this by boiling it in water and then soaking it into alcohol for a few minutes. I cleaned the area where i would be piercing and then marked with a pen where I would be piercing. I started to push the needle in. Immediately I felt a sharp pain go throughout my body. There were so many nerves there so I pushed hard for a few seconds then would relax for a minute or two. Getting the needle in fully took me about twenty minutes of pushing and resting. The experience was pretty painful now that I look back on it and it was pure bliss when I finally slid the full needle through. At that point I was so numb from the pain that I couldn't feel anything. My chest started to throb and so I waited a few more minutes. Then i took the circular barbell and stretched it out so the curve wasn't so narrow.

As I slid the needle in I followed through with the jewelry. It wasn't too much of a problem. The only thing I was worried about was making sure the jewelry came out the other end. For some reason the hole from the needle became really small when I tried to exit the jewelry. I felt like I was gauging my nipple and it hurt so bad. Finally with a little pop, it went through and my piercing was finished!

I put some more alcohol on the area and then i wrapped it up so that nothing would get caught on my ring while it was healing. I wrapped the piercing up with a white bandage and med. tape. I made sure to keep the bandage clean and sanitary. On hot days I would take it off altogether because I didn't want the moisture building up inside.

One time the bathtowel snagged onto the small ball and I thought i was going through the initial piercing all over again. It was so painful and annoying that I got a headache for an hour after.

The piercing came out exactly as I had wanted it to. It was perfectly even and not too wide or close together. Once it heals I plan to put in a curved barbell with small 3mm balls. However a forewarning with this is that you should really try to get this professionally done if possible. Spending an extra buck is much better than enduring the amount of pain that I did. It's also dangerous as well and if an infection were to take place, it would be a regretful mark.

Overall the experience was worth it. I feel that after I followed through with this piercing, there aren't many other piercings that will come as a threat to me. My pain tolerance has definitely gone up. I wouldn't suggest piercing your nipple by yourself because most likely the average person would not be able to exit the needle to the other side because the pain is so intense. It has been a week since I've had the piercing and it is healing fine. after two days I did a sea salt soak (very mild) and then just made sure the area was clean. The soreness went away after two days and now I'm just waiting for it to fully heal. I heard that there was puss or some liquid that came out during healing. For me there was none of this. It couldn't have been cleaner. The blood was minimal and there was hardly any bruising or swelling as well.

My next piercing will most likely be getting a microdermal on my sternum. I have wanted that for a long time, however the people who are experienced with them are very few. I would have to travel to Brooklyn to get it done. I think that once my left nipple heals, (I'll probably give it about 3 weeks) I will do my right nipple myself. I'm pretty confident that everything will go well so there will most likely be another story up for that!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 July 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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