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First Nipple Piercing

When I was in college, I got the opportunity to move to Orlando and intern for Walt Disney World. I was there for about five months and had the opportunity to work at a hotel for Disney. It was the best experience of my life. I made some lifelong friends, and before I knew it, I was in the last weeks of my program. I had thought for a long time about getting a piercing or a tattoo, and really wanted one to commemorate both my 21st birthday and the end of this program. I and some friends were hanging out at MGM Studios, when we had an epiphany. Let's go get tattoos and piercings! We are thought it would be a great way to end a great day and remember our unique friendship.

We all loaded up in the car, but by the time we had actually gotten to the piercing parlor, only two of us were going to go through with it. Everyone else had decided just to watch the two of us! We walked in, and asked how long it would be until they had two appointment times available for piercings. They said it would be about an hour, so we went across the international drive and had a quick drink to calm our nerves. We walked back much more relaxed and were introduced to our piercer. He was really nice and professional, and asked us if we had any questions before we started. He told us about the kind of cleaning that we would have to have in order to keep from infection, and asked us if we both wanted to go through it. We did. My friend went first. She was a super trooper and it didn't take them but a second. I asked her how it went and she said it was no big thing, she barely felt it. This was not the first mod she had done. Before she realized, there was a gleaming silv er hoop through her nipple. It was so cool!

Five minutes later, it was my turn. This was my first piercing ever and I was crazy nervous. I stalled and really thought I couldn't go through with it. After asking about a million more questions to this poor guy, I took off my shirt and he looked at my nipple. He said that it was going to be tough because of the size, but he thought he could get it through. I took a deep breath and felt a slight pinch. I looked down and saw the huge needle through my flesh. Quickly he put the ring through and secured the ball. It was over before I realized it happened! I looked down and thought it was the coolest thing ever. We tipped him and paid out and began our way home.

We stopped by Walgreen's, which they must have thought we were crazy because we were both grabbing our chest while getting the antibacterial soap and Tylenol and things like that. By the time we got back to our apartment, it felt like my nipple was on fire! I took a shower and gingerly washed the blood and mucus from my nipple. This weird crust develops and I never saw anything like it come out of the human body, it was very odd. I took a muscle relaxer and headed to bed. The healing did take about six weeks. I had to wash several times a day with dial soap and always push the ring through as well.

It was a little rough having a piercing right at the beginning of summer to care for, and when I get my other one done; I definitely will wait until when I don't have any outdoor swimming activities to do. You kinda have to miss out on swimming and getting in the lake, and going to the beach, and all of those fun things you associate with the summer. It is now three years later; I still have it and haven't had any major issues. I love how it feels and I can't wait until I can get more mods and start a tattoo sleeve as well. This definitely started a trend with me because I'm not really the tattoos kinda person, but I love them! I encourage anyone who wants their nipple pierced to go ahead and get both done, because it's just easier to get them both done at the same time and save your self the trouble of two clean up times.

I would definitely encourage anyone in the Orlando area to consider Inkredible Ink for any piercings. It is located off of International Drive not far at all from the theme parks or downtown Orlando. They were very professional and it was reasonably priced. For the nipple ring it was thirty dollars plus tip.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Studio: Inkredible+Ink
Location: Orlando+Florida

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