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Stretching My Nipples To 10 Gauge

About nine weeks after my initial piercing at 12 gauge, (8 months ago now) I decided that I wanted to go up to 10 gauge on my nipples. I felt that since my breasts were large, it would give them an overall better "look". When I asked Stephen (IAM Sacred) about it, he suggested that I wait a few more weeks before doing it, so I waited. It wasn't easy to wait, and, in fact, by the time the date had finally arrived, I was like a kid the night before Christmas: excited, antsy, and I had a very hard time sleeping. I also had no idea as to what it would be like, so I wasn't really afraid, in spite of the fact that the blue chair reminded me of the dentist. I was ready to go!

The morning of the stretching date, I was anxious, and wave after wave of nausea hit me, as I thought about getting the new jewelry. I couldn't eat, but I kept forcing myself to eat, knowing that I needed to keep my blood sugar at a good level so I wouldn't pass out. I tend to get light-headed easily to begin with. I waited impatiently for my husband to come home from work so we could take the one hour drive to Anomaly. By the time he got home, I was climbing the walls with anxiety, but I managed to eat a little of my dinner, and the drive went smoothly.

Remember, I was convinced that stretching a piercing was a painless procedure. Well, I was wrong! We arrived about 8:30, and I was called in at 9 p.m. After confirming that I needed a 7/8 inch bar, the fun began. I was cleaned and prepped, and the entire time Stephen cleaned me. I sat there giggling. I tried my best to carry on a conversation with my husband and Sque3z, the owner, to stop laughing, but it was a waste of time. At least I managed to sit still. After I finally relaxed and calmed down, Stephen started the procedure, removing my 12 gauge jewelry, and carefully inserting the 10 gauge taper in my left nipple.

I was fine at first, but I started losing my focus, breathing erratically, and for the first time in my life, I felt like getting up and running away. It was excruciating! Sque3z assisted my husband in holding me still, and kept me breathing. I was light-headed, and all I felt was pain. My endorphins never kicked in, and I started moaning loudly in pain. This was not the experience I had hoped or planned for. After the jewelry was inserted, I was brought a cup of cold water to help me calm down and relax a little. I managed to relax enough, and Stephen told me we could put off my right side for another week, and after thinking about it, I said that I felt I'd be better off if I just got it over with.

This time, I really concentrated on my breathing, and it wasn't nearly as bad as my left side, but it was bad enough. The pain seared through my body, and I went into panic mode again. I truly felt exhausted and almost cheated by the experience because I never had my endorphin rush. After I rested for a bit, I went back to being my usual talkative self, and I got dressed. My husband paid for my jewelry and gave Stephen a tip (because I told him to) and we had a discussion about local restaurants in the area for next time we were out there. We left, and stopped for a late dinner.

The next morning, when I woke up, my left nipple was throbbing in disgust, and my right nipple decided to squeeze out a drop or two of blood in protest to the stretching. By the time two days had passed, my left nipple was throbbing a little less, and my right nipple accepted its fate and stopped its bloody protest and settled down. I was still feeling nauseous, but I managed to keep my food down. I called Stephen and he reassured me that everything was normal, and I'd be fine soon. By the third day, I was feeling much better, and I thought the pain was over, but at the one week point, I woke up with sharp pain in both nipples and I started to worry, so I called Stephen once again, thinking that maybe something was wrong. He gently reminded me that since this was my first stretching, I'd have some discomfort, and he said that I could come in if I was really worried, but I decided to just wait it out. At the two week mark, it occurred to me that it had been several days since my left nipple gave me trouble. It finally accepted its fate, and I was glad the pain was over. I even made plans to stretch to 8 gauge!

I did learn from it though, and I'd like to share what I learned. The most important thing is that stretching is more serious than I thought and that it can sometimes be more uncomfortable (painful) than the initial piercing. In fact, my initial piercing was almost painless, with both getting done at the same time, and I didn't have any tenderness at all. I learned that getting into a good breathing pattern is a must, and there's no shame in admitting that I was afraid, and because of that the next time was easier on me, and I knew more of what to expect. Remember, that each experience is different, so please don't let my experience affect your thoughts on having it done to yourself.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Stephen+DeToma
Studio: Anomaly
Location: Pasadena%2C+CA

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