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Changing the rings to barbells while inflamed/irritated

I had previously gotten both my nipples pierced with CBRs at a little shop in West Edmonton Mall. This was fine and dandy, other than all the complications from me being on blood thinners at the time, and where I worked. (Different story)

What had been happening now is this:

My nipples had been healing to an ok degree, with the only problem being that the rings were flipped upwards, laying against the top of my nipples, and if I wore a bra the rings would press and indent into the skin. Fearing that something was wrong, or that I would migrate or get an infection if this continued, I entered into a piercing shop in Regina, SK to ask their piercer about it. He said they were fine and that I had to "wear my bra differently so that it was pulled way up in the back" (I was always told this was horrible for your back and shoulders)

He claimed that I didn't need to have bar bells put in, I shouldn't want to put bars in, and that I should NOT be using saline to wash and soak my piercings with, but that I should be using witch hazel and hot compresses. He also told me that I needed to wear my bras differently, and FORCE my rings to lie flat, by putting a hot compress on them and then flipping the ring and holding it down. Anytime that I would have noticed the rings up I was to force them down again. (As you can imagine when you have rings that are healing a certain way... and the area of the piercing itself is irritated, how much this hurt).

The first night I did as he said; only I was wearing a type of shirt where my breasts pressed into the fabric. I fell asleep and they stayed flipped down for the whole night. I woke up in extreme agony. The piercings were bleeding out the side; red and swollen were both my nipples. Assuming that this was supposed to happen, I decided none the less to leave it for a day or two.

The one nipple ring stayed semi down. The other flipped right back up. But both were swollen, they looked like they had torn along where the ring entered the skin, and I hurt. Not regular ouch, I bumped my healing piercing hurt, but OH MY GOD every move I make radiates pain from my nipples to the inside of my breast. I couldn't do much of anything except sit there. Annoying as hell, and I was having to take 3-4 Tylenol or Advil to be able to dull it enough to fall asleep at night.

This occurred for three or so days, but since I live an hour and a half from any piercing place, I figured I would go back in to see someone the next week.

It got so bad yesterday that I took myself down to the doctor's office, and showed my tits to a doctor I didn't know, in a really small town. She, of course, told me "Why would you do that? If it hurts take them out". I thanked her for her time and said I would have to go see a piercing professional it seemed.

It was just by fluke that we went to Saskatoon instead of Regina. To the original location I had wanted to get pierced at before I went away to work. Veronica was awesome. She made me feel comfortable and told me that the rings looked way to small for my nipples, which was probably why every movement hurt and tore.

She said the rings were about ear piercing size, not nipple piercing size. (The diameter of the ring itself). She said she would be willing to put barbells in but that they were inflamed, but not infected as far as she could see. She also said they looked like they hadn't migrated but had just torn on the edges due to the size of the rings.

I decided that barbells would be an awesome idea, and she proceeded to put the barbells in. Boy did that hurt. I almost passed out with the first one because it was extremely irritated. She then decided that the first size length of barbell she put in was too short... so she took it out and put in another one. She said she felt way more comfortable with that length. The other one was way easier then the first, but it still hurt more than getting them pierced did.

So now I have shiny balls on each side of my nipples, which are swollen to the size of quarters. (I normally have small nipples)

Hopefully this works wayyyyyy better! Thanks to Veronica, who I'm going to go to for my piercings from now on. :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Veronica
Studio: Eye+of+the+Needle
Location: Saskatoon%2C+SK

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