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My nipple piercings

My nipple piercings.

I have always liked nipple piercings and I tried to convince my boyfriend to get his nipple(s) pierced.He was not really in to it, but he said that he found it a beautiful piercing. On the 13th of September, 2007 the new school year began. I had to buy my books at school. I'm studying in Brussels, so I decided to visit my piercing shop: Arkel Piercing.

Once I had arrived there, I asked some information on a nipple piercing. They warned me that it was a sensible, painful place to get a piercing. Nothing could stop me: I wanted it so bad! After I filled in the form (date of birth etc) and paid, I had to wait a little more. Five minutes later, which seemed to take an eternity, I could follow the piercer to the separate room.

I took off my shirt and bra and sat on the bed/chair. I had to sit up, because she had to put the dots first. For me it looked OK. I know the piercer knows the best placing for a piercing. Now, I had to lay down. My nipple was desinfected. I don't know whether it happened before of after the dots. She put the clamp on my nipple and I had to in-and exhale deeply. Bang, the needle went through my nipple. Wow, that hurt! I had to take a deep breath to forget the pain. Then the girl put the barbell in. This was quite an uncomfortable feeling. I was so proud when I saw my pierced nipple in the mirror. Two titanium balls on each side. I had a smile from ear to ear. It's a quite unusual piercing, none of my friends have it, so this made it extra special.

Before I had only a bellybutton piercing and this is more common.

Concerning aftercare: during a whole month I had to take care of the piercing twice a day. Once a day soak in seasaltwater during 10 minutes and once a day wash it in the shower with PH-neutral soap. After the first month, you only have to do seasaltsoaks when the piercing is a little red or irritated.

My right nipple caused me little trouble during the healing process. After two weeks the painful sensibilty was gone. I could not sleep without a bra, because when my pyjama touched my nipples, they became hard and that was painful.

After a month and a half, I decided to get my left nipple pierced too. I'm a fan of symmetry and I think it looks better when both nipples are pierced. Some friends thought I was crazy. They don't understand that some people like the needle through some bodyparts. Actually, I do not enjoy the pain, but I love the result so much that I do it anyway.

One day before my birthday, I went to the piercingshop again. Again I had to fill in a form and I could follow the piercer to the room. The same procedure was followed as written above. To be honest, the sting was quite painful, but less painful than the right nipple. I told the piercer and she said it was 'normal'. Most people find their right side more painful. (I'm righthanded too). So, if you are still doubting and you will only take one, take the left nipple. I received the little book with aftercare instructions and went home.

Today (19/04/08), my right nipple is 7 months old and my left nipple 5 months. In the shop they told me that nipple piercings are healed after approximately 9 months. My right nipple feels healed. This one, I only clean in the shower with antibacterial soap. My left nipple, the recent one, is sometimes angry. He feels a little irritated and a lose some fluid. Regularly I use some seasalt soaks, because this takes all the 'dirt' out of the wound.

You just need to watch out that you do not hit it (too hard) during the first months. This can really hurt! One time, I was standing in the bus and he had to brake very hard. I bumped with my nipple against a pole. Damn, what a painful experience!

I must also say that these nipple piercings influence my sex life in a positive way. I get aroused when my boyfriend touches them and he loves the sight.

I can only suggest this piercing. They are my favorite piercings (I also have a bellybutton piercing, Vertical Clitoris Hood, tragus and helix)! I love them. It's a beautiful sight when you are standing in front of the bathroom mirror.

Just do it, it is quite painful but when you look into the mirror, you will be so satisfied that you have already forgotten that it hurt!

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Greets, Melissa.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 April 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Sylvie
Studio: Arkel
Location: Brussels%2C+Belgium

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