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Vertical Nipples

My other half pointed out to me some time ago that being such the piercing enthusiast as I am, he thought it strange that I seemed to have everything pierced but my nipples. He seemed to expect a profound reaction, some great tale of my opposition to nipple piercings, but was bitterly disappointed.

I'd had one of my nipples done before. I was 15, bunking off school for the day and went to the only studio that didn't ask me for ID (in retrospect it's refreshing that most of those in Manchester did ask). I won't name the place I went to, but it's dodgy. The piercing back then was a terrible failure, the piercing too shallow and wonky, and the bar was too short so it hurt terribly. After a month of trying to settle it I realised the piercing was so pathetic you could actually see the bar through my skin, and took it out, and never thought of it again.

So now, having become legal for piercings and having developed a preference for a much nicer piercing parlour, I thought I might as well finish what was started those years ago and get them done properly.

Holier Than Thou on Oldham St, Manchester never fails to impress, so I headed down there as soon as I had the opportunity. Although I should be a hardened pain lover by now, I still get terrified before each and every piercing, particularly when I know how much it's gonna hurt. I was getting really shaky by the time we reached the studio, and I'm ashamed to say I had to have a bit of a sit down before I was marked up. As always, HTT treats us with a friendly no-fuss approach, handing over the forms as soon as I say I want my nipples piercing, and I was filled out and ready to go in a minute.

I left my girlfriends who I'd brought along for moral support in the shop front, figuring they don't need to see me parading around topless sizing up my own breasts when I'm in there. Lu gave a wee giggle at my nervousness (she's seen me in these states before), but gave me all the time I needed to panic and eventually chill before getting to work. Once the top's off she marks me up for 2 standard horizontal piercings and I tell her about my failed attempt years ago and how shallow it was. She explained that because I have particularly small nipples, it would be very easy for horizontal piercings to migrate and become shallow even if she put them further back. Vertical piercings, however, go more through the areola than the nipple, and we'd have a better chance at keeping them permanently. After a moments contemplation I decided to go for it, I've always been a fan of the slightly different piercings, and two vertical nipples certainly suits me well. She gets me all marked up again for the second time, chooses some 1.6 by 14mm bars, and gets me to lie down and breath deeply. By this point I was pretty terrified, my last nipple experience hurt like hell, so I was prepared for the worst. She clamps me, tells me when to breath, and suddenly one of them's in. The shock on my face must have been hilarious, I was expecting to be screaming, but this was one of the least painful piercings I've ever had. The second one was clamped, pierced and screwed on tight before I'd even stopped laughing about the first - and there they were, my two new beautiful nipple bars :)

Lu let me sit there de-stressing for a while, offered me some water and went off into the back to get some aftercare supplies while I got dressed. She came back with a little pack with rock salt, cotton buds and plasters to put over them at night while they heal, which I was quite surprised at because most places will just ship you off to buy your own, or sell you them in-store. She goes through the mandatory "this is how you clean it" malarkey (which many other places don't bother with anymore - one look at my face tells them I know how to look after piercings), I pay my £45, and head off to a buffet for a celebratory feast...

My friends were a bit surprised at them being vertical, I can tell not everyone likes them, but I think they're gorgeous. One friend said she thought horizontal nipple piercings looked like smiling eyes, inviting you to come and play, but that vertical piercings looked more like bars or barriers, making them look unfriendly. Whether that's true or not is subjective - but I do know they suit me perfectly, whatever that says about me :P

It's 6 months on now and they've never given me a moment of bother, healed beautifully with no signs of migration. I recommend the piercings, and the studio, to anyone.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 April 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Lu
Studio: Holier+Than+Thou
Location: Manchester

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