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Painful but pretty nipple piercing!

Yesterday, we were having a really boring quiet day in the studio I'm doing my apprenticeship in piercing. We were just sitting around and complaining about how quiet it was, and how both of us wanted to pierce something, so I decided I'd let Patricia, the main piercer who is teaching me, pierce my nipple! I had a few surface piercings lined up to do later and she had nothing to do for the day, plus I had wanted it for a few weeks now, so yesterday seemed like the right time to do it. I should have eaten first, because I had skipped breakfast.

So we went upstairs to the piercing studio, and she started getting all the equipment together, and I got nervous! As soon as she took out the bar, not even the needle, but the bar, I started shaking and I couldn't believe it! I've had so many piercings in the last few years and pierced a load of people this week alone, and I got nervous about a nipple piercing. The only reason I can put on that is maybe it was because I haven't had a piercing done in the last few months, but I don't really know if that's the reason. I mean isn't it a bit strange for a piercer to be afraid or nervous of getting a piercing? I think it is anyway!

So anyway, there was Patricia trying to mark the entry and exit points for the needle, and I really couldn't stop shaking, but eventually she managed to mark it straight and told me to lie down. I went so cold, but I did it anyway. And I mean it, when she put that needle in, I screamed! I knew from my other ones that piercings were painful, well not all of them, but there is a pain factor, but when other people had told me the nipple piercing was the most painful I'd never believed them because it's a simple piercing to do! If I had gone for a 16g instead of an 18g, I think I would be dead right now.

Because we use externally threaded jewelry in the shop, we use catheter needles, to stop the threading from tearing at the new piercing, but even still, the catheter usually pulls a bit making it sore to pull the jewelry through. Not as much as with needle blades but i bit, you know? So I was expecting that to be even more painful than putting the needle through because my nipple was now really sensitive. Surprisingly though, pulling the catheter and jewelry was completely painless!

Afterwards, it was really sensitive and I regret getting it on my right hand side, because I'm right handed and everytime I do something, my arm brushes off it. But anyone I'd talked to, or pierced before, told me that the sensitive pain would go away after a few hours. It's now the next day and the pain is still there, but I've taken a good look at it and there are no problems, so if you ever have prolonged pain after a nipple piercing, but it looks normal or just a bit red, and doesn't have crust coming out of it, then it is probably ok, don't believe people about timing the pain!

For such a simple piercing, it hurts a lot more than most! I thought getting the needle through the first few layers of skin on a surface piercing was slightly painful, but the is a hell of a lot worse. You would think that because nipple piercings are very straightforward compared to, say, surface piercings, they might not be so sensitive or painful, but that's a lie. The pain isn't as bad as having microdermal moved around inside you or anything, but be warned, if it's your first piercing aside from either ear piercings or a nose piercing, it is going to hurt more than you expect.

Yesterdays nipple piercing is a horizontal one, but I'd like to get a vertical piercing through the same nipple when this is healed. I know I'm still dealing with the pain but I've got more plans for when it's healed! I don't know if this has helped anyone, but I have to say, don't let the pain be a deterrent. When I look at it and see how pretty it is, I know it was so worth the pain! I've been looking at the special nipple bars and jewelry in the Alkimia catalogue, because I can get them delivered to our studio with our tattoo-ing and piercing supplies. So far I think this, or my plain centre labret have been my favourite piercings! If you have any questions about nipple piercings or other piercings, feel free to ask me guys! Just click the link to contact me! And thanks BME!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Patricia
Studio: Lucky+xiii+piercing
Location: Cork%2C+IRL

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