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Pain equals pleasure

I wasn't always into piercings or other types of body modification, when I was younger I looked at people with piercings or tattoos as different.

I realize when I was 14 I really wanted to start getting into body modification, but with a strict father I knew he wouldn't approve of it.

I decided I wanted to get my nipples pierced about a month before I turned 19, I wasn't especially nervous our anxious to get the piercings I was just overly excited.

The past 4 years of my life going on 5 I started picking up piercing and after I pierced myself a few times I realized that's what I wanted to do as a career.

In the mean time of getting my piercing license I took a trip down to Wilmington to see my best friend, my main objective there was to get my nipples pierced.

I went to about 6 piercing shops in the Wilmington area looking for a good piercer that wasn't going to overcharge me; finally I stumbled upon a tattoo shop called Cape Fear Tattoo.

I went inside and met the piercer right away; I asked him how much it would cost to get my nipples.

Jim the piercer told me usually around $65 or $70 which was not bad at all, every other tattoo shop I went to charged $80 or more.

I wasn't sure I wanted to spend that much and started to doubt getting them done when Jim said since it was his day off he would only charge me $55.

I was so excited but then it dawned on me this was the first time I would be getting pierced professionally on my body, I had my ears done at 4 or 5 but this was a whole different experience.

Jim took my id and my money and went to get the consent forms, while in the mean time I got butterflies in my stomach.

A few minutes later Jim came back with the form and my id and while I was singing the needed information, etc Jim was standing next to me admiring my septum I did myself saying, "Who did your septum, it's really centered'.

I proudly said I did and also showed him my smiley I did by myself as well.

Automatically I felt at ease and the butterflies went away, that is until I sat down in the piercing chair and had to take my shirt off.

I've never had a guy look at my chest before, let alone pierce them so I was nervous as hell.

Jim began examining each side, and then marked them.

Jim then told me he was going to use clamps to help stretch my nipples out, he said this was the worst part and it would maybe hurt.

After a few minutes of stretching I just sat there bored, I told him it didn't hurt at all and I had a high pain tolerance.

Then came the actual piercing itself.

My best friend who had been in the room the whole time wasn't allowed to hold my hand or stand within reaching distance so I held onto the chairs arm anticipating how much it would hurt.

Jim said, "1,2.3, breathe out" and the needle went through. I'll admit it hurt...it hurt like shit for a few seconds and then it stopped and doubled over into this sort of throbbing pain, I looked down and saw the needle sticking through my nipple.

It didn't scare me or wigg me out, I just sort of laughed and closed my eyes as Jim started positioning the needle for my second nipple.

As Jim was positioning the needle he and I were talking about piercings and how he was going to scarification school, he only counted till 2 and then pushed the needle through.

I didn't have a long enough time to catch my breath so immediately my toes curled and I started cussing from the pain.

Jim cleaned my nipples off and gave me a tiny pack of cleaning gauze and instructed me on how to clean them and when.

After Jim left the room my nipples started really throbbing and I couldn't even wear my bra, I remember specifically on the way back to my best friends house if we even went over a speed bump my nipples felt like they were on fire.

The rest of the night I was in pain, my nipples throbbed and I really could do little of anything to make them feel better except put ice on them and that hurt even more.

I did a bad thing that night and got really trashed, I remember cleaning my nipples drunk and making them hurt even more, but it wasn't too bad.

For a few weeks I couldn't sleep with my bra on at night, begin as that was when they would hurt the most, but during the day I wore my bra and I made sure it was nice and lose so the piercing itself wouldn't get infected from lack of air getting to it and also it felt comfortable that way.

I've had them for about 7 months now and they're awesome, despite the immediate pain I felt when I got them pierced and the soreness after they were worth it and I can gladly say I have enough balls to get pierced what most wouldn't!


submitted by: GrindScream
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Jim
Studio: Cape+Fear+Tattoo
Location: Wilmington%2CNorth+Carolina

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