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My Southern Cross - Double Nipple Piercings

A few months ago, I had an interesting experience with nipple clamps. After sharing this experience with a friend of mine, who is a body piercer, he dropped the hint that I would most likely really enjoy having my nipples pierced. The idea piqued my curiosity and I began to search the web for photos and experiences others had shared about their piercings. Up until this point, all I've ever had done were my ears. In fact, I rebelled at 18 by getting my cartilage done. Needless to say, the world of piercing is quickly becoming a new and glorious place for me to explore.

After countless hours of research and discussions with my piercer about the process, pain associated with the piercing, length of healing and jewelry, I decided to go for it. At this point, he asked the big question – which one do you want? I liked the way the horizontal piercing looked but I also liked the vertical since it seemed a little more unique but I couldn't make up my mind. Ultimately I decided on both (horizontal and vertical) for a much more unique look. Go big or go home right? We set an appointment for a few days later and I eagerly began to count down the days.

On the day of the piercing, he took a little more time to calm my nerves and reassured me that it would go fine as well as reminding me that I could back out if I wanted. After a few deep breaths, I was ready to go forward. He marked the spots for the horizontal piercing on both nipples with the little marker and then cleaned the area. The plan was to do the horizontals and then if I felt up to it, we would go for the verticals.

After approving the markings, I laid down and closed my eyes. Before he put the clamp on my right nipple he said it would pinch a little but then said "oh wait I forgot you like this." That was the tension cutter I needed and I did enjoy the clamp. He then told me to take a few deep breaths and inserted the needle into my nipple. A few choice words slipped out from my gritted teeth but after a few seconds, it was over and the jewelry was in. There was a little pressure as he secured the ball in the CBR but all in all it was great. Before my adrenaline stopped pumping, he quickly started to work on my left nipple. This one was a little more painful than the first but again after a few seconds and some choice words, it was done.

Once I was given the all clear to check them out, I hopped up and flew to the mirror. My new little 14g silver hoops were so shiny and perfect, I was in love. I did opt to wait for the verticals since I didn't want to go through that again right away. He gave me more information on aftercare and told me to check in the next day and let him know how things were going.

My healing process went very smoothly and after about a week, I was able to sleep on my stomach again. I seemed to heal and recover faster than either he or I expected and a month later, I was back to do the verticals.

At this point, I considered myself to be a little more seasoned at the piercing process and was ready for everything. I was excited about the clamps but that excitement quickly diminished after it was put on. It turns out that the clamp actually pinched the existing piercing and was not nearly as pleasurable as it was the first time. Once again, the right nipple was up first and it hurt for a few seconds but nothing unbearable. The needle went in smoothly and the jewelry was in before I knew it. The left nipple was a little trickier since the needle actually ran into the existing piercing. It was quickly corrected but that was by far the most painful of the four. I loved the way the new barbells looked and couldn't wait until I would be able to change out the CBR for barbells as well.

Some of the stories I read before getting this done said that the nipples bled a lot and hurt for a very long time. Although the verticals took longer to heal, I never had any real pain and they only bled once. Initially after the piercings, they throbbed a little bit but in reality, my cartilage hurt more for a longer period of time.

I'm so happy I got my nipples done and I would say if you're thinking about doing it then go for it. It has been three months since I had mine done and, I'm starting to explore other options since I have this new and incredible urge for more shiny things.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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