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My nipple piercing

About six months ago, I decided that I needed another piercing so I started trying to decide what piecing is right for me.  I decided against an ear piercing, as I would have to constantly hide it at work.  My other piercing is hidden, in my pants, so I figured this one should follow in kind.  There was actually a sale running so I went with getting two at once and chose to do my nipples.

The guy at the place said that it was a pretty intense piercing as far as pain but I was not to worried about it as pain tolerance has never really been an issue for me. It was pretty cheap, around sixty dollars, so I paid them and was off to the piercing room. The first one was pretty painful but it was the second one that really sucked. I don't think that it really hurt more than the other one but knowing what it was going to be like made the anticipation far worse. I actually asked the guy if anyone had ever gotten the first one and left and never came back, which apparently is pretty rare. I can see why they make you pay in advance though because the second one really does suck. After the event I put my shirt back on and walked out of the store. They told me to protect them from impact and pulling but I found that this is rather unavoidable in everyday life. On the way home my seatbelt got caught on one of the barbells and pulled it rather hard. It caused kind of a lot of bleeding and was to honest really pretty painful. The pain continued till later that night when I got trashed to make everything feel better. When I woke up the next day all of the pain and such was gone completely, much to my relief. This piercing while far more painful than my other one was not as bad as many people I talked to said it would be.

During the healing process I have had several problems with the piercings. I have found that they get infected pretty easily and have been infected multiple times, despite frequent cleaning. My other piercing never once got infected so it was all very frustrating to me. Although all of the infections that I got were very minor and resulted in little more than some swelling and discharge, it was still a pain. If I had not kept up with regular cleanings I am sure that the problems could have become more severe. The cleaning process was also rather painful at times which sucked.

As the piecing healed over time I realized that my nipples are far larger than they used to be. They have grown to almost twice their former size. One side actually grew larger than the other, which looks rather strange especially when I have the bars out. This I am pretty sure is a result from the fact that they were not pierced exactly even. One side got deeper piercing than the other which I am pretty sure resulted in one side swelling a bit more than the other.

Overall I am pretty happy with the piercing. I will never have to worry about a job not wanting to hire me do to them. Every girl I have ever told about them thinks that it is hot that I have it done which is tight. My girlfriend loves to play with them which is actually a turn on as long as she does not get too rough. For a while after I got them done they became extremely sensitive especially to cold which lead to a lot of fun playing with ice cubes and such but over time their sensitivity has returned pretty much to normal. For a long time after I got them done I thought I was done with piercings and such but I am pretty sure that I want another one now. I would definitely suggest this piercing to anyone who is thinking about having it done. The pain sucks but it only lasts for a few hours and the piercings look cool and are fun to play with later. I would definitely suggest having a drink after you have it done, it makes things way better.

Several people have been telling me to get the piercings gauged. I am currently at a sixteen guage which is admittedly pretty small. I am not sure that that is such a good idea though. I am already pretty sure that if I took them out my nipples would heal at their current enlarged size. Gauging them would undoubtedly make the problem even worse. The last thing that I want is to take them out someday and have mutant screwed up nipples for the rest of my life.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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