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a bar in each nipple

I am 26 and live in Cairns, North Queensland, Australia. I had only one piercing in my brow and decided it was time to get another. After reading many peoples experiences and viewing pictures through this website I decided it was going to be my nipple.

Having had my brow pierced already I kind of knew what I was in for and how much pain I expected while having it done. Wasn't I mistaken...

I walked into the Karma House and told the sales girl I was there to have a piercing done. I filled out all the necessary paperwork and got to the section where it asked me what I was having pierced. At that moment I decided to have both nipples done. I paid my money and waited for my turn.

I entered in to the back room. I have both my nipples wiped with an alcohol wipe and the marks are drawn on to where my nipples are about to be pierced. She verifies with me I want both nipples done one after the other and then comments that I am brave.

I am brave? Brave for what? I have to know, so I ask...

She goes on to tell me that nipples are very painful piercings to have done and to have both done at once was a very brave thing to do. I pause because I don't remember reading about much pain on the website. Could she be wrong? Surely it can't be that bad, after all I had a brow pierced and that wasn't painful at all.

I lye down on the table and she begins with meaningless conversation and tries to calm my obvious nerves... all of a sudden on with the clamps. They are cold and feel like a little pinch on the area around my nipple then within seconds, oh my god! The pain! This was nothing like when I had my brow done, the pain of the needle going through just the first half of my nipple was unbearable. Stop stop I ask, then I realize, she cant stop now because I am only half way done through the first one. I can do this I tell myself. I shut my eyes, a few deep breaths and a couple of loud outbursts of cursing and swearing and the needle was through to the other side.

Putting the jewelry through was the easy part. Uncomfortable, but much easier. One deep breath, a little pinch on each side and it was done. Relief is all I felt once the balls on the end of the bars were tightened and I hear the words I have been waiting for... all done.

At this point I sit up and think to myself, what am I doing? And why am I doing this? With very little time to question my actions I am quickly repositioned on the table and the other nipple is clamped. This time I know what I am in for, but do I really know what I am in for and do I really want it want it done? Too late. Ouch! Again with a lot more loud swearing this time. The second one is done a little quicker than the first without my asking for her to stop right in the middle.

I just lay there for a minute or so as the adrenalin rushes to my head and gives me the best natural high feeling possible. I sit up and look at my red, swollen and sore nipples. I don't really like what I see and have no idea what possessed me to get this done.

I collect my after care paperwork and head home. Still in pain I sit and watch TV for the remainder of the afternoon, the whole time uncomfortable, in pain and with my t shirt rubbing against them with every movement I make.

It has now been 3 days and I have been looking after my new piercings as I should be. The swelling has all but gone and they are looking great. I am really happy with having it done and would recommend it. They are exactly what I wanted. Although I have a bar through each nipple, I intend to wait until they have healed and replace it with a ring.

What my main aim of writing about my experience was for, was to highlight that although piercings can look awesome, some hurt more than others and for this average Joe, it was the worst pain I have ever endured in my life and it was by choice. 3 days later I can reflect if I would do it again? I probably would.

I now find myself looking through the pictures on this site again, wondering what it would feel like to have a prince albert done next. Oh no! this is where the painful nipples all began.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Studio: Karma+House
Location: Earlville%2C+Cairns%2C+North+Queensland+Australia

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