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My New Nipple Bars

My Experience starts on a Wednesday, for months I had seen great pictures of piercing and when I see one I like I get it. So far I have done this for my lip, 10mm ears, 2 scaffolds and now my nipples. On a Wednesday I have a double free period so have 3 and a half hours to kill in between classes. m mate Sean had a great idea, lets go into town, I live 16 miles form Aberdeen so we said yeah why not and got the train in. this was a bad idea as we then decided not to go back for the last lesson of school which I paid for with and after school detention which I used to talk about my piercings to the surprise of the teacher and the other pupils.

On the train I was feeling a bit anxious, as at this pint I had not had my scaffolds so was on my way to get my second one done. but as we were on the train talking I recalled a picture I had seen on Wikipedia, it has a male with black and red hair with a nipple bars in and I thought that looks really cool, so I said to my mate Why don't I get my nipple done it'll be fun. He told me I shouldn't as my current girlfriend told me not t get it done unless I was single because she never liked them. But I reassured him their my nipples not hers why can't I do what I want, if she doesn't like them then too bad I do.

So that's how it happened, but first we went into the local Chinese buffet restaurant and had a 3 course meal. Then on our way down to the piercing shop which we only knew as being down on the harbour somewhere so we went walking down and my mate pointed it out from across the street. So in we went, most places in Aberdeen will only pierce nipples of people who are 18, but Richards will do it for people who are 16, so I was doing this on October 31st the day before my birthday and Halloween as my birthday present.

We went in and sat down and looked at some of the tattoos available, and we wee discussing which ones to get when we turn 18. then after about a 15 minutes wait a women came through and asked what we had come for and i told her I was here to get my nipples pierced, she asked if it was both and it was. She asked my age and I told her 16 and asked if it was ok and she told me it was. She took me through into the back of the shop and told me to lie down on the chair.

it was at this point when I started to get a bit nervous, I know quite a few people with nipple piercing, all of them women, and they all told me it was really sore. But my reply was well I'm getting two ha-ha this will be fun. Because I don't enjoy pain as such but it doesn't really deter me from doing painful things, but as the first needle went in a felt a slight jab, and hen it went through, during this procedure she kept blowing gently on my nipple, I'm guessing to make it erect, but it also helped numb the pain slightly. And just as the second was about to go in I looked down at the first and noticed blood coming out of it and I thought wow this didn't really hurt too bad and now i'm bleeding. but this never bothered me and I kept going and went the second was done I go clearing information and all that, and a free complementary bottle of anti bacteria soap which was really helpful in the cleaning process.

later on no they are fine and I now have new bars in, but I learned from my auntie, her new husband has his nipples done and he is really well built guy really big and probably very strong, but she told me that he punched the guy that pierced his nipples because he felt the pain was unbearable which made me feel good as I didn't feel much at all, and I say that my scaffolds were more painful than both my nipples.

But I really enjoyed experience, although I do not have a girlfriend because of it but I have a new one who does enjoy my nipples. Although this is about my experience I would like to say that my next piercings are going to be 2 lip rings, 2 eyebrow rings and my tongue done. So I really would like to thank BME for the chance to express this and I shall give photos as soon as I can as I am a real big fan of this site.


submitted by: IngusJinx
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Brenna
Studio: Richards+Tattoo+Parlour
Location: Scotland%2C+Aberdeen

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