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My first piercing

First of all, a bit of background. I've been interested in piercings since about when I turned 14, but with my mum and dad I've been completely forbidden from it. The second piercing I ever contemplated was a centre labret, but this was obviously out because it would be a tad difficult to hide. It wasn't until recently, say around 5 months or so ago, that I thought seriously about getting a piercing that could be hidden. I'd played with the idea of getting a nipple piercing before this, but had placed as maybe the third or fourth on my list for when I could finally get them.

I began to research this type of piercing after this, and about four months ago decided to go for it, and just deal with the consequences if I got caught. This decision came after a drunken conversation with someone who recommended a local studio to me.

So, on the 6th of October I went in feeling a little nervous, not helped by other people's descriptions of it being the most painful piercing. I wasn't sure whether I had too book an appointment for getting it done, so went in and asked the guy on the desk, who said that I could get it done right then. This was obviously exactly what I wanted to hear!

So, I signed the consent form, paid my £25 and went back to the backroom where the piercing was actually done. Once I was in there I went through my little mental checklist. Autoclave, check, needle in a sealed packet, check, double check that jewellery is titanium, check, and I was good to go. The piercer, who was really friendly and professional, told me to either take off my t-shirt or put it up over one shoulder. I opted to just take it off, because I thought it might get in the way (plus to satisfy the little exhibitionist in me). My friend, who was there for moral support/to watch me suffer, sat in a chair next to the door and the piercer had me stand upright on the ground while she measured and marked where the piercing was to be. Then she told me to lie on the bed/chair thing (basically the same as the ones you get in the doctor's) and start taking deep breaths. On went the clamps, which pinched a bit but weren't agony. Then came the scary bit

"OK, ready?"

"Close enough"

The most surprising part was how little it hurt. After all the horror stories of it being agony I was expecting to be swearing at the top of my breath, but as it was I just gritted my teeth for a second, then it barely ached at all. I was told to sit on the bed for a while longer and started to get a bit light-headed. Then I got a lot light-headed, felt like I was drunk but better. She went over some aftercare, specifically recommending showers over baths for the next couple of months (which isn't really a change for me) and to use Carex soap to wash the piercing, as well as not touching it and various other do's and don'ts. All of this was a bit of a waste really, because by this point I had been researching aftercare for a month and knew it all. At the time I was planning to use Sea Salt Soaks as opposed to the soap that she recommended, as this was what had been recommended to me by several other people. She also gave me a printed sheet with all the information on it to me.

About 20 minutes after I left the shop the endorphins started to wear off and my nipple began to throb slightly, but not too badly. Then after about an hour or so, there was no pain at all, and all was well!

Except for later on that night when I went to a little party at a friend's house. I was talking to my friends girlfriend who, forgetting my recent experience, decided to playfully slap my on the chest, and guess what she hit? That's right, right nipple. Was actually more painful than the initial piercing itself was, but I recovered, so no damage done.

So, now it's roughly 3 months on and I still absolutely love my first mod and so, 2 months ago, I decided to get my left nipple pierced as well. Of course, the best part of the whole experience is seeing the look on some peoples' faces when I tell them, especially my older cousin, who is about 24, who was stunned in a kind of half admiring, half wondering what the hell had happened to her little cousin way.

Here's to having a good healing, and to getting many more mods!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Lynne
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Location: Greenock%2C+Scotland

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