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steel nipples for my birthday

 In may of this year (2007) I finally got the chance to do something I've wanted to do for a LONG time. I got my nipple pierced.

For a few years now I've been obsessed with BME and all body modifications. I decided one day I wanted my nipple pierced, but upon going to the studio without parent consent I returned disappointed and with no more holes in my body than when I had left home. I obviously didn't do enough research because I didn't even know there was an age restriction. In Ontario 16 is the normal age for piercings, 18 for tattoos.

I used the year and a half until I turned 16 to do a lot of reading and of coarse this just made me an addict to the point I'd just stick anything remotely sharp in my body. After piercing my ears a few times and them getting infected I gave up the fetish for a while and realized I should wait for a professional.

On may 19th, four days after my birthday I waited outside the shop until it opened, on may24 weekend I SO excited to get a big needle stuck through my nipple. At this point i wasn't worried about the pain or anything, just wanted a nice new metal nipple. So myself and three of my friends walked into the shop finally and went up to the desk a little nervous as I felt I was a "n00b" The chick at the counter says what's up and I tell her I want my nipple pierced. She says ok, checks my ID, and with no wait at all (it being may24 and everyone else having a life) she takes me to the room about a meter from the desk and tells me how much this is going to suck for me because it's my first piercing. (Besides the DIY ones that I no longer have) At this point I'm pretty freaked out because it smelled like a hospital and I hate those places more than anything else, but I was still excited. She straps on her gloves at this point and we talk about random stuff to calm me down. She was VERY nice, and made the whole experience a blast. She now marked where the holes were going to go and asked me if I liked the spot. I really didn't care, she knew more than I did what would look good, so I said "yes, awesome, poke me!" Realizing what an idiot I must have sounded like. She clamped me with new clamps, reassuring me this was the most painful part, but really the clamp didn't hurt at all, just felt really cold, making my nipple really hard, and even smaller. (I have really tiny nipples to begin with)

As soon as the clamp is in place she showed me the CBR she'd be putting in. Then she told me to take a breath in, and out, as I breathed out she said ready, and before I could say yes, she stuck it through. Anyone who says a nipple piercing doesn't hurt has a steel nipple! It hurt SO much, and I have a high pain tolerance, I mean I just tore both my ACL and MCL and I walked off the field myself without complaint. I made a funny face after the needle went through, making everyone including the piercer laugh at me. It hurt for a while after and I felt like I was going to puke, but that's because I didn't eat before I went to the studio. After about two days of regular cleaning it didn't hurt a lot but was still tender.

I've now had two infections (From lack of cleaning, and being in gross conditions playing football) and a keloid, it's healed pretty well. The keloid was a bitch and a half! It looked gross, and smelled worse. I eventually popped out a whole bunch of puss and blood after a few days of picking at it. It is now looking very good, despite the slight migration from the scabbing and picking and popping.

I'm not going to lie, this was a very painful piercing and it throbbed for almost two hours after the needle first went through, although the "I want to puke" pain is only a minute or so. The CBR is great for cleaning but sometimes flips up if you're not careful and gets caught in your cloths, this causes migration and pain. I still recommend the CBR though because it is so easy to clean. Sea Salt soaks really do wonders, I'm a skeptical person and I have to say Epsom salts are a gift from god. If you plan on getting your nipple pierced it's usually pretty easy to hide, but don't get your parents drunk and then show them, that just causes impaired pulling motions and frantic scrambling for pliers. The whole experience was very fun, and the pain was laughed off pretty easily. Also if you want both done but are doing them one at a time, you might want to re-think that idea. I really want my other one done but the first one had some many issues I'm really turned off by the idea of the actual piercing procedure. Although I do plan on getting the other nipple done soon, as My ACL/MCL injury ended my football season so I needn't worry about the hassle of my shoulder pads knocking and rubbing my nipples. I'm excited to see what my new nipple will look like, and finally be satisfied that I'm symmetric.

If you're thinking about a nipple piercing, it is SO worth the pain that comes with it, and the $35 you must part with. Plus it looks REALLY good on almost any body type. Also if you're in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada, check out Artistic Impressions and ask for Devin, if you're in the welland or St. Catharines location, he's a funny guy and if you're a girl you'll think he's hot. Even my preppy, American Eagle clone, Cheerleader, girlfriend thinks so. Although Devin didn't pierce my nipple he's done other mods on me and he's done a great job and relaxes you quickly. Sarah and Jer are also great, and just as talented, as is all of the staff. -Stay (SiC)-


submitted by: 22inchbobert
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Sarah
Studio: Artistic+Impressions
Location: St.+Catharines%2C+Ontario%2C+Canada

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