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Spontaneous Decision

 Last summer, I went away for a week on a music exchange. Not planning on doing anything too crazy, basically the opposite happened. I don't have any tattoos, although it seems like I'm the only person in the world without one right now. A friend of mine that was also on the exchange with me, decided she wanted a tattoo... and we figured that we'd both get matching tattoos to make the experience more memorable. Well, it turned out that went we went to the tattoo parlor, she wasn't old enough to get a tattoo without parental consent, even though I was. Not wanting to get the tattoo alone, since it seemed as though it would defeat the purpose, we both left tat-less. I was rather disappointed to say the least, but as we continued our tour of the downtown area, we went into another tattoo parlor. The exchange family I was staying with was really cool, and the mom actually did some flash work for one of the artists in this tattoo parlor years back. We were just hanging around, chatting with them, with no intentions of getting anything done, when the girl I was planning on getting the tattoo done with decided to get her belly-button pierced. I was never one for belly button rings, and frankly I didn't want to get one at all. It just seemed like everyone had them. Now I was really bummed. I seemed to be the only one not getting anything done. So then, bam. I decided. I will get my nipple pierced. Everyone was kinda taken aback... especially the 17 year-old guy I was staying with, considering I only knew him for about four days. After a little more consideration, I followed through with it. I was set in my ways, and once I decided upon something, there is usually little chance of me backing out. So sure enough, I went in the back room. Got my left done.. took a couple minutes breather, then said... what the heck, and did the right as well. I really did no research on this, and basically asked the piercer what she thought about either ring or stud, one or two, left or right etc. I settled with rings in both my left and right.  
On the walk home, they were a little tender, but I was so excited and everyone couldn't believe that I actually went through with such a spur of the moment thing. Not only that, but that evening when my boyfriend called, I let him know just what I had done. I wanted to keep it a secret until I got home, and let him figure it out for himself, but I just couldn't. Needless to say though, that week was a bigggg party week for my hometown and he was a "little tipsy" during the phone call, and didn't quite take in all (or any!) of what I was telling him.  
When I arrived home several days later... he had quite a shock when we hopped into bed. He didn't remember what I had told him on the phone, and was totally surprised! It actually took him a little while to get used to the whole idea, but now I joke with him from time to time about thinking about taking them out for good... He won't even let me THINK of the idea, he enjoys them way too much. And so do I! 
Another side to this story is of course, the exchange mom I was living with for my week on the other side of the country. She was very cool, and seemed quite interested in my adventure at the tattoo parlor. She was asking me questions about getting my piercings, and if it hurt, etc. She was always whispering these questions when we were around her seventeen year old son, which was rather strange. She told me later on, that the reason was, she wanted to get it down herself! And she was too nervous to do it, but now that I got it done... she wanted to get it done herself!! 
I enjoy having my piercings, and hardly anyone knows about it. I kept it a really good secret for a long time, just the people from the exchange, and my boyfriend knowing it. Eventually I told a few of my close friend, and I'd say that it's been fourteen months or more since I've got it done, and about ten people know. Sometimes I'd like to tell people, but then I'm scared the wrong people would know and it would be awkward. I come from a small, very conservative community, so I don't think it would go over well with family, etc.  
In another way though, it is something that I enjoy keeping secret, because it is like... I have this secret and it's on my body and people right beside me don't know. The only thing is, that when you're at the beach it looks like you always have hard nipples (which I guess you do) but... the ring shows through quite excessively depending on the bathing suit your wearing. Nobody seems to notice though, or at least, they don't tell me. Some day I'll let the secret out more, but I'm just waiting for the right time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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